8 Tips To Maximize Compensation In Your Personal Injury Case

Personal injury cases are expensive – both in time and money. You understandably want to make the most of your claim after you’ve been involved in an accident. Here are several things you can do to help yourself win the full amount of monetary compensation that you’re owed.

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1. Preserve Evidence

When you eventually go to court to settle the claim, your case will be decided by the jury. The jury will look at all the evidence that has been collected during the case. In order to increase your probability of receiving a fair (or better) settlement, preserve your evidence. This means taking a photo of the scene of the accident. Take photos of your immediate injuries (if possible). Keep documents, records, and information pertaining to your injuries. Any piece of evidence relates to your injury must be kept.

2. Complaints

This includes any statements you bring forward. Your doctor’s word is strong in your case; and is instrumental in receiving your monetary settlement in full, as it is a proven testament of injuries that occurred during the crash. Any complaint, no matter how huge or small, is important.

3. Get Medical Treatment

Do you have a few scrapes and bruises that you don’t think require medical treatment? Seek it anyway. Get an overall picture of the damages you sustained. This is so they can document it and use that picture to show the other party to include the likelihood of having your financial settlement number significantly raised.

4. Priors

Did you know that you can lose your rock-solid case simply because you concealed previous injuries? (The length of time it’s been may or may not come into consideration.) It’s a popular (and frustrating) misfortune that people have suffered, without knowing. This explains the importance of being as transparent as possible with your motorcycle accident attorney. By letting your attorney know about any pre-existing injuries or complaints, prior to the accident, your case will be built more strongly, and you won’t be penalized.

5. Value Your Claim Fully

From loss of bodily functions, use of your limbs, emotional damages, etc. The amount of damages is endless. Recovery programs can be expensive, especially if they come out-of-pocket. Evaluate the categories of damages as they pertain to your personal situation.

6. You Will Be Monitored

The number one thing you must do is be careful about yourself. When substantial injury claims hang in the balance, the other party’s insurance company will hire an investigator to monitor your activities. This is because insurance companies want hard evidence to prove that you are a fraud.

7. Don’t Be Too Eager

One of the first tactics the other party’s insurance company will use is to offer you a low-ball figure. They do this on the grounds that most people want to receive a settlement as soon as possible. (Which some people do.) While this may seem like a sweet idea, you will short-change yourself dramatically, cutting the amount you could have been owed by 85%. This is because attorneys often go after the highest amount possible. They can only do that for you if you don’t settle at the first or second round of offers.

8. Payment

There are no insurance companies in the world who are glad to pay victims money. That’s why it is the goal of every insurance company to lose as many claims possible in an effort to diminish your claim. That’s why they will thoroughly investigate all the evidence and facts – which you should make sure are rock-solid.


It’s natural to want to receive the full compensation you believe you are owed. Following the guidelines, you’ve just learned will help you do just that. Whatever you do, always seek the guidance of a personal injury attorney before moving forward.

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