8 Ways To Give Your Rental Kitchen The Facelift It Desperately Needs

Check out any rented place and you will know how ugly the kitchen looks and feels. This is often not the mistake of the renters but of the landlords, who don’t put much thought while furnishing their property and just give it a plain look.

Well, just because your landlord lacks creativity or patience doesn’t mean that you have to live with the consequences. If you don’t like how your rented kitchen looks then it is time you made some effort to beautify it.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered there too. Here are a few ways in which you can make your kitchen look new and amazing (just like you’d always wanted it to be).

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Add A Rug Or Carpet To Cover Bad Flooring

Hate looking at your kitchen floor? Then, what are you actually waiting for? Go ahead and cover those ugly tiles with the help of a carpet or a rug and make your kitchen look bright and interesting.

A rug or a Carpet will not only come in handy in hiding the ghastly floor but will also distract people from noticing other unappealing sights of your kitchen. But do make sure that you get a carpet/rug which will be easier to clean and can be simply vacuumed else you will end up spending a lot of time in just washing it.

Add Wallpaper To Your Cabinet Doors

Another quick and effective way to give your rental kitchen a new look is by decorating your cabinet doors with a colorful wallpaper. You might not feel too comfortable about changing the cabinet doors or removing them entirely which is where wallpapers will come handy.

You can use those peel-and-stick wallpapers which come in several designs and patterns to add a nice touch to your kitchen. If you aren’t too sure about a wallpaper then simply pin up a few colorful pieces of cloth to give a nice, bright look to your kitchen. Here’s a video tutorial on how you can do it.

Hang A Few Wall Arts

No, we aren’t asking you to hang a Mona Lisa painting in your kitchen but adorning your kitchen walls with a few simple paintings or decorative items is a sure way to spice up your kitchen’s look.

You can hang a framed painting, photograph, or even add some books or quirky decorative items to give a nice feel to your kitchen. This will barely take 5 minutes of your time and the end result would be a cheerful and beautiful kitchen. Also Read: 5 Reasons To Get Over Your Kitchen Insecurities

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Change The Lighting In Your Kitchen

Yes, yes. We all know that fluorescent lights are perfect to focus on your cooking but they do highlight every imperfection of your kitchen. But there is a simple way to overcome this problem, just install soft and glowing lights such as pendant lights.

Soft yellow lights help in providing a cozy look to your kitchen and make it feel more charming and homely. You can also find several LED bulbs in different light ranges which can help you in changing the look of your kitchen while helping you save money in the long run.

Also, you can install a kitchen island lighting which will give a spotlight to your kitchen island and will make it look like a haven to all your guests.

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Get A New Faucet

While often underestimated, buying the best kitchen faucets won’t just add a touch of class into the kitchen but also offers unmatched utility. Get a pull-out faucet and you can wipe clean the dishes and even the kitchen countertop within minutes.

With pull-down faucet, cleaning vegetables or dishes etc. is a breeze and if you want to step it up, buy a touchless kitchen faucet (a real kitchen hero).

Yup, some of these kitchen faucets might you cost you a few extra bucks but nothing screams revamp like a shiny, stainless new faucet sitting atop the kitchen sink.

Here’s a great roundup of the best kitchen faucets by Kitchenguyd is everything you need to find the right pick for both your kitchen and budget.

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Display Your Quirky Utensils

If you’ve got no utensils or cookware on display is it really even a kitchen? So bring out those quirky little babies that you so love and make your kitchen look pretty and chic.

You can install hanging racks for your cookware and then display your best-looking cookware to make your kitchen look more amazing. Another way would be to cover your countertops with a nice mug set or cutting board set which will not only work to cover the ugly countertop but will also add a few appealing pieces to look at in your kitchen.

And if you are feeling a little bold then you can always remove the cabinet doors to give your guests a chance to look at your beautiful cookware.

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Add Plants For An Earthy Feel

We all know that plants are a great way to add some freshness and color to your house, right? So, why not employ the same method to give your rental kitchen a new feel?

Yes, that’s correct. You can add a few plants and flowers to your kitchen to give it a pleasant and appealing look. This will help in providing your kitchen a new look while making it smell great too. Also, those colorful flower petals and green leaves is a sure way to add some color to the kitchen.

You can hang potted plants or add some vases of flowers on your countertops. Window sills and kitchen corners also make a good spot for placing your potted plants so do give it a chance.

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Decorate The Kitchen’s Backsplash

Last, but not the least, you can add a glamorous touch to your kitchen by just experimenting with the backsplash. There are so many ways to decorate the backsplash which is certain to give it a nice feel and won’t cost you a cent too.

You can cover your unattractive backsplash by adding a wallpaper or sticks which are easy to stick and clean and will hardly take any time or effort from your side.

If it’s feasible and if your landlord approves then you can install a new backsplash too. But why put in so much investment in a rented home? Just get a few stick-on tiles and use an easy-fix method to beautify your kitchen.  Want a glass tile backsplash? Here’s how it’s done.

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