9 Easy Ways To Take A Break And Just Chill

Life is too stressful, and we all know it. While there are a lot of long-term ways we can intervene and save our stress levels, there are some fun, easy ways to relax, too. Take some tips from this list and check out ways you can de-stress easily and just chill.

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1. Music

Pop in your earbuds and turn on some peaceful music. Rain or waves as white noise can help us chill, and slow, soothing music usually has an effect on our ability to calm down.

2. Fun

Fun helps everyone relax. So, do a logic puzzle. Walk to the park and go swinging. Have some fun checking out online gambling, and use a Golden Nugget Online Casino promo code for free bonus money. Find a couple of quick, easy things that you find enjoyable and do them often as a way to relax.

3. Chat With A Friend

Everyone should have a special person who always makes them smile. For most of us, it’s our best friend. We fight with him or her a lot less than our significant other, so a quick text exchange with them can leave us laughing and feeling a mood boost.

4. Take A Supplement

Dietary supplements can actually help you calm down, so checking out a natural stress formula like Gaba Max could help lower your stress and anxiety levels.

5. Chew Some Gum

Did you know that chewing can actually lower your cortisol levels and promote calm? Chewing gum is an easy way to keep that chewing motion going, so some mint or bubblegum-flavored gum could help you chill out faster.

6. Get Some Fuzz Therapy

If you don’t have a cat or dog, borrow someone else’s. Animals are a great way to de-stress and get a mood boost, so cuddle your furry friend, or visit a cat cafe to get your petting time in.

7. Smell Good & Chill

The smells around us can have an influence on our mood, so try to pick soothing ones! If you need to take some time to relax, diffuse a soothing scent like lavender, jasmine, or tea tree. The fragrance will likely help you reorient yourself and find peace while you chill.

8. Laugh

You might not be in the mood, but you can laugh anyway. (Try not to sound like a supervillain… or maybe do, because that might make you laugh for real.) Laughter can lower your blood pressure and release stress hormones, so go for some ha-has.

9. Sing

While you might have to retreat into the shower for this one, singing can actually help boost your self-image, which in turn will boost your feelings of calm. So, next time you’re feeling stressed AND bad about yourself… break into some opera.

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