A Boozer’s Dream: A Collection of 6,788 Unique Beer Cans

Forget a wine cellar with a collection of prestigious bottles of wine, instead, how would you like to have a good ‘ol fashioned beer can collection? I would love that! (Don’t tell @RickBakas! Lol) We are big beer fans here at Bit Rebels, and we’ve probably written dozens of articles about beer and everything beer related; however, I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Nick West doesn’t just have any old beer can collection. His collection, which he’s spent 35 years building, consists of 6,788 very special beer cans…. so far. His goal is to acquire a can of every beer ever made in Britain. He even has to buy some of them off eBay.

Considering that he is only 51-years-old, that means he started collecting these when he was just 16! It all started when he was a teenager and his friend, Deborah (who is now his wife), gave him a book about beer can collecting. Now, 35 years later, she admits she regrets giving him that book. After all, they had to buy a bigger house just to have enough space to display his growing collection! He has a whole system for emptying each can (sometimes he drinks it, sometimes he doesn’t), photographing it, and placing it in just the right place in his special gallery. What was the first beer in the collection? A can of Heineken! Nom Nom!

[via Daily Mail]