Re-Wine Classic: Stack Your Wine In Lego Style

I don’t claim to be much of a wine drinker, but I do appreciate the taste every now and then. There are people out there who are far more knowledgeable than me in this area, and quite frankly, that’s not such a hard feat. However, I don’t hear a lot of people mention storing wine when they talk about the infinite and endless differences between them. It’s pretty much the same over and over again… This wine goes great together with that kind of food and so on. It’s a never ending taste adventure without the mention of the way it’s been “transported” into what has clearly become a nice wine.

I am sure that a lot of you wine extraordinaires are having trouble with a bloke like me trying to march into the wine scene just to talk about the Lego style of storing wine. Well, I have to I guess, and when it comes to storing wine this is the most creative way I have seen so far in my days. It is the Re-Wine Classic building block holder. Each one is created out of a biodegradable material that interlocks into each other to form a wall of wine if you so please.

The Re-Wine Classic wine holder will rock your world for just $9.95 a case, and it is sure to make your wine wall a whole lot more secure and classy. Not only will it store it in a brilliant way, it will keep it safe from breaking as well. The “shell” is shock resistant, and it doesn’t matter how many of these cases you interlock, they will always stay secure and in position so you will never again have to worry about them. Now, all that is left are the wine bottles themselves. Maybe you have a huge container of them somewhere that’s just sitting there without a proper place for them to be stored. This is a way for you to finally organize them. After all, everyone can’t have a wine cellar, right?

Re-Wine Lego Storage Case Concept

Via: [Chip Chick]