A Lap Around Our Beautiful Planet In Time Lapse [Video]

Planet Earth, the ball suspended in space that we will most likely call home for the remaining days of our lives. What do we really know about her? Do we know enough to appreciate her splendor and her grace? Most of us take her for granted, and we aren’t really doing enough to support her the way she is supporting us. We have slowly started to understand her importance in our existence, but yet we ignore the signs she’s been giving us that she has long ago fallen ill because of the evil behavior caused by us. It’s easy to think that she will always be around, but that is an assumption we may live to regret if something isn’t done to at least give our beloved blue dot in space a second chance to curate.

I know, it’s easy to get all sentimental about all that is going on in the world. It’s even easy to fall short of happiness because of it. However, that shouldn’t let us feel distant to the joy we can really harvest simply from the beauty of our home, planet Earth. A recent time lapse video shot in space truly captures the astounding view that aliens (lol) and astronauts may enjoy whenever they look upon our mesmerizing planet.

Just watching this thing really makes me understand how insignificant we are in space, and how vulnerable we are to whatever is heading our way. We should really take care of our little tiny planet and start… well, caring. I am struck by the growth of our cities around the world, and how big they are compared to what we might think. The lights from the major cities are just as eye-catching as the world’s largest diamond. Imagine coming from outer space and being able to visit Earth for the first time. At first you’ll be welcomed by its wonderful and peaceful first impression only to be completely overcome by all the cruelty, wars and pollution that’s going on here also. Isn’t that the ultimate sadness? Now, have a look at this amazing time lapse video and smile over our beautiful planet. Wow!

Earth Lap Time Lapse Video