The Absolute Wrong Way To Get Rid Of Used Office Furniture

An office relocation or revitalization is a big project. There’s no doubt you have a lot of work on your plate if you’re in charge of the big move. Namely, you have to figure out what to do with all the used office furniture that won’t have a place in your new layout.

When it comes to office furnishings — things like desks, chairs, cabinets, and more — there is a right and wrong way to dispose of your inventory. The wrong way promises to eat into your budget while causing environmental problems.

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The Wrong Way – Throwing It Out

Simply tossing everything you don’t need in the landfill is one option. It may seem like the easiest, most convenient way to dispose of your used office furniture. But once you take a closer look, you’ll see the flaws in this plan.

1. It Creates Unnecessary Waste

Used office furniture waste (f-waste) is part of a massive environmental problem. It’s estimated 8.5 million tons of it go to U.S. landfills every year, which costs an annual $750 million to process.

Besides costing taxpayers’ money and taking up space, f-waste pollutes. Most furnishings and fixtures consist of dyes, adhesives, foams, and other chemicals that are not biodegradable and are actively harmful to the environment.

2. It’s Expensive

The average office furniture liquidation service or local office mover comes with fees. Your final bill will include charges for every item thrown away, plus landfill tipping fees, storage, and double handling.

More still, these liquidation services fail to capitalize on resale as an opportunity to offset these costs. Facilitating sales takes added effort for the disposal company that specializes in liquidation. For them, it’s simply easier to throw it out. While they may sell some of your gently used furniture, most of it still goes to the landfill along with your chances of saving some money.

The Right Way – Donating It To Charity

For an eco-friendly alternative that works within an existing decommission budget, consider a sustainable office decommission service. These services see the landfill as a last resort for furnishings that can’t be reused or recycled. It is absolutely possible to divert 98% or more of an inventory from landfill if planned out in advance.

1. It’s Socially Conscious

While your corporation may have no use for your old desks and cabinets, there’s likely a local non-profit in desperate need of office equipment. A sustainable decommission service connects you with these charities, facilitating in-kind donations on your behalf.

The result is a win-win situation. Your chosen charity receives free used office furniture, taking unneeded fixtures off your hands while keeping it out of a landfill. As a bonus, a sustainable office decommission service will work with the local media to leverage this in-kind donation as exposure for your brand.

2. It’s Affordably Eco-Friendly

An experienced decommission service offers an innovative approach to your relocation or revitalization. When it can’t donate, it will focus on selling your remaining assets to generate revenue to offset other costs. Next, they will pursue specialized recycling to ensure as much f-waste stays out of the landfill as possible. Only a tiny fraction of furniture will go to the landfill if any at all.

Don’t Make the Wrong Choice

As the deadline for your relocation or revitalization approaches, don’t make a decision you’ll regret. Investigate sustainable alternatives. Whether donating, reselling, or recycling, these options are easier and more affordable ways to get rid of your unneeded fixtures.

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