Clumsy: The Coaster That Safeguards Your Spill

Are you usually compared to Clumsy, one of the 7 dwarfs in the Disney classic? Do you find yourself always asking for napkins when chillin’ with your friends at cafes? Then maybe you should really continue reading cause there might be a tool that will keep you from missing out on those important conversations your friends get to finish but you don’t. Usually that coffee cup plate doesn’t do very much to help when the cup is already picked up and the “spill” is already on its way to happening. All you need then is something to wipe it up with, right?

That’s exactly what designer and developer Olga Kravchenko thought when coming up with this brilliant idea of incorporating a dishcloth with the coffee cup plate. It might not sound like the most appealing solution, but I am sure the cloth is switched for a new one after each serving.

If you should make a mess around you, it’s easy to wipe it up using the dishcloth, and everyone is happy and jolly. The plate is actually the carrier of the dishcloth and serves as a half a plate and half a dishcloth holder. Pull the cloth out and it’s yours to use. This is the perfect solution if you are managing a cafe or a restaurant. Serve your customers the ultimate cleanup solution, and your staff will be sitting idle while the guests do all the work. Brilliant!