The All-Natural Pain Killer – Get To Know The Pain-Relieving Properties Of Kratom Strains

As unpleasant as pain is, it is also extremely important for us. It lets us know that physical damage is being caused to our body, compelling us to take action and stop the damage immediately. Without it, we could easily severely burn ourselves in a fire and do nothing to stop ourselves, for instance.

Pain is not always so useful, however. Some people will have long-term injuries and/or medical conditions that cause constant pain regardless of whether or not they are in danger. If the pain is severe enough it can result in a considerable loss of quality of life for the patient. It is thought that around 20% of Americans experience chronic pain, with around 8% experiencing ‘high-impact’ pain.

The unpleasant nature of pain causes us to go in search of remedies to help relieve us of it. Science has learned a great deal about the nature of pain and what causes it and has developed some very effective medication that helps relieve the symptoms. Not all are effective and/or safe, however, meaning many of us will go looking for alternatives instead.

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What Constitutes ‘Pain’?

Pain can take many different forms. It can be the kind of pain you feel when you stub your toe or bash your finger with a hammer. It can be the pain that pulsates through your head when you have a migraine, or the sharp pain in your chest when you have a heart condition. At other times it can be the dull ache you experience after having exercised for too long or the kind of constant pain in muscles caused by inflammation. Pain comes in a wide variety of sensations, and all of them are very unpleasant.

Kratom’s Relation To Pain – Alkaloids And Analgesic Properties Of kratom

Many of our solutions to pain come from nature, and numerous plants, in particular, have properties that are effective. One plant that doesn’t get as much attention as it probably should is kratom, a leafy plant that originates from South-East Asia.

Kratom is rich in an alkaloid known as mitragynine. Mitragynine binds itself to opioid receptors that are found in the brain. These receptors will usually send signals to the brain telling it that the patient is feeling pain. With these receptors temporarily disabled by mitragynine, the brain won’t get the message and little or no pain will be felt. This gives kratom analgesic properties, which is the medical term that means it’s a pain-killer.

There is a wide range of alkaloids with some of them having no effect on pain at all, while others can be effective indeed. Two of the best-known alkaloids are morphine and codeine which, although effective, need to be used with care because of their highly addictive nature.

The alkaloids in kratom are not highly addictive, however, yet still quite effective. This makes it a safer alternative to many other types of pain relief and it can also be used easily.

Managing The Different Types Of Body Pain With Kratom

Around 91% of people in the United States who use kratom do so for pain relief, and it can be used in a variety of ways. The plant’s leaves are often crushed and dried into a powder, with the powder then sometimes made into a tea or stirred into another drink.

Other people may take a spoon full of the powder into their mouth, and wash it straight down with water. Kratom capsules are also popular. Kratom will also sometimes come in resin form which is preferred by some people because it is stronger. When kratom is ingested, it is usually to help relieve pain in muscles, joints, and even organs.

Alternatively, some people will also make a salve or paste containing kratom to be used topically. The paste is applied directly to an area that’s causing pain or discomfort for the patient, and the plant’s analgesic properties help to relieve the patient of their symptoms.

What About Emotional Pain?

Another variety of pain we’ve not mentioned yet is emotional pain, which can be just as, if not more, difficult to bear than physical pain. Kratom can help in this regard also.

Using kratom can help people to feel calm and as though all is well. It can also cause a feeling of euphoria and make the patient feeling more sociable and talkative. These symptoms can help to relieve the pain of some of their emotional pain, even if only temporarily, but even temporary relief can help make a big difference to mental health overall.

What Forms Are Most Effective For Pain Relief?

There is a wide variety of kratom forms to choose from and different forms are made from leaves from different parts of the plant. Red kratom strains, for example, are made using the leaves at the top of the tree where the leaves get the highest amount of sunlight.

The red kratom strains are those best known for their pain relief properties, and Red Maeng Da, Red Bali, and Red Vietnam, in particular, are very popular. Other strains including white, yellow, and green strains tend to be used for other properties such as their calming effect or to help make people more sociable. Different strains are often mixed together to create products that offer a variety of effects


Millions of people have used kratom to help them with a variety of issues including physical and emotional pain. There is some need to be careful when using the plant to avoid unwelcome side effects, but kratom is still a lot safer to use than many other effective pain relief solutions. It is also perfectly legal in most states and readily available. If you do experience chronic pain or if you want some mental relief from stress, Kratom could help make a considerable positive difference to your quality of life.

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