Amazing Video! Are You Up for the Challenge?

The reason I love advertisements is because of the way some directors treat their ads. The way they make images come alive. The way they challenge us to think and feel. I came across this very cool TVC from FIFA and Adidas.This is not a new ad, but still i thought it would be great to share it with our readers. I like the message here in the ad, it wasn’t just the mere selling of the shoes, or the equipment, or announcing of an event, but rather a deeper meaning is shown.A challenge was issued.  Are you ready for it?
Don’t you wonder why some people seem to win all the time.  Get where they want to go? And do the things they love to do?. Its really not easy going through challenges in our lives. Not always easy to get everything we want.But just as the message in the video tells us. There are some things we can do to make it.
1.Be Prepared – No matter what we are facing. Whether it be a design assignment, a career advancement, we want to be the sports hero, being prepared is important. Equip yourself with the necessary skill, or knowledge.
2 Have a Better Attitude – Face the challenge head on, be positive, nothing beats a person down more than saying I’m beaten, I can’t do it.
3.Practice Makes Perfect – practice, if you want to be a better designer or writer, practice your craft.&Make time to learn and hone your craft. It’s the only way you can move ahead.
Hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did. Amazing and truly an awesome one! Love the effects and the way it was creatively made.