What Amenities And Facilities To Look For When Choosing A Rehab Center?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 74% of years lived with a disability, no matter how debilitating that injury or condition might have been, are a result of a rehabilitation program. This is a critical factor to consider when that same organization later divulges the fact that skilled rehabilitation workers are less than 10 for every 1 million people in low-to-middle income countries.

And, in case we simply think it’s a third-world condition, in the US there’s an employment rate of only 1.9%. Research has also shone some light on rehab treatment centers, stating that only 10% are actually up to code and are optimized towards the therapy that they advertise.

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Rehab Center Essentials

Most rehabilitation center facilities in the world are understaffed, overworked, and in need of upgrades. That’s why it is important to pay close attention to the amenities and circumstances of the facilities. Not only what the rehab center has to offer in terms of practices and therapies but what they include in their brochure as far as practical and tangible conditions; equipment, windows, location, bedrooms, etc.

Nowadays, it is important to understand the difference between a normal rehab center and one that notes itself as an advanced rehab center.

What Is An Advanced Rehab Center

An advanced rehab center that specializes in physical therapy is just that, advanced, on the cutting-edge of science. It is one that employs skilled, licensed nurses, experienced therapists, state-of-the-art equipment and uses every tool available to guide patients through personalized therapy services that are unique not only to their condition but to their psychology. Not every patient is the same, and what works for one doesn’t necessarily translate well to its neighbors. Advances rehab centers work under the purview that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution.

How To Pick An Advanced Rehab Center

There are two specific fields to consider when researching the correct rehab treatment center contact and ultimately enter into a contract with. Each facility differs in terms of services and general conditions. Doctors suggest that everyone consider two critical factors: treatment program and overall hospital conditions.

Questions To Ask Yourself About Each Rehab Center’s Treatment Program

  • Does the advanced rehab enter offer rehabilitation for your specific needs?
  • How qualified and board-certified in the staff?
  • Does the rehab center offer a tailor-made plan?
  • Will I be seen in individual sessions or group sessions?
  • Are there supplemental services and support?
  • Is 24-hour care provided?
  • Are family members and their participation encouraged?
  • Is there any outpatient support available?
  • Is there any follow-up care?
  • Do caregivers or staff members, or social workers, he’s with discharge and insurance questions?

These are incredibly personal and oftentimes key information you have to ask yourself before committing to a rehab center.

What To Look For When Picking A Rehab Center

It is especially important to investigate and do a thorough examination of possible advanced rehab center facilities. Their overall conditions. Their amenities. Their location. For example, on the Everest Rehab website you can find detailed information about their locations, amenities and hospital conditions. Studies have shown that rehab centers where special care is given to the veneer itself and its overall exterior aspect tend to influence patient recovery far more than their counterparts. Remember, a good portion of your day will be spent in one of these centers.

There are 3 distinctive areas you will need to give close attention to: overall hospital conditions, patient’s room, hospital location.

Overall Hospital Condition

Unless the facility is relatively new, it’s important to do a walkabout of the premises and a bit of research. Some of the factors listed below can be examined during your first visit, others you will have to inquire about.

  • Medical equipment: the state they are in, how up-to-date they seem to be, and, more importantly, ask if they are using the latest technology?
  • Equipment for complementary therapies: ask to see their other facilities. Some Rehab Centers have gyms, pools, movie theaters, dozens of other activities they advertise in their brochure. It’s important to see the state they are in.
  • Structure and decor of the hospital: our bodies tend to improve when surrounded by pretty things or at least things we classify as pretty. We tend to rehabilitate better in environments where we feel comfortable. Environments where the decor and furnishings inspire us to get better and drive us to maybe make an extra effort. Studies have shown that people tend to dress up in places with a certain class and elegance to them, and those same studies demonstrated that that act alone – of dressing up and not down – helps in our attitude towards our rehabilitation.

Patient Room Amenities

If you’re an inpatient it is important to take note and special consideration to how your room is stocked and structured. You will be spending a great deal of your time in your room and you have to be able to feel at ease within its space. Note the things you feel are important to you and make sure your room has them. Also, make sure your room has been adapted to your medical needs.

Hospital Location

Whether you’re an inpatient or an outpatient, like in real estate, location matters. Not only where the rehab center is geographically set, but its exterior ambiance and structure. You have to not only be able to approach the clinic, daily and not feel exhausted after the drive, but you also want to feel at ease surrounded by the ecosystem it chose to call home.

It’s critical to understand that not all rehab centers are the same, and not all clinics work the same. What might have seemed magical to someone else and done fantastic work for them, might not exactly fit your expectations or your requirements. Each person, like each rehab clinic, is unique and the breakthroughs of your rehabilitation program will be determined by a careful balance between your expectations and needs, and the reality of the rehab center facility you’ve picked.

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