Americano vs Au lait

I live in a city where ‘grabbing a coffee’ is more than a treat or a daily habit. Its a lifestyle. Your drink speaks more than 140 characters about who you are and the result can easily be the cause for a new facebook fan club. A recent observation by Debbie Mandel, a stress management specialist, revealed this list. Beware, this may cause an identity crisis:

Black coffee – The ambitious, focused and goal-driven person who needs to get the job done.
Cappuccino – The aesthetically-aware, witty and classy drinker.
Au Lait – The nurturer and often ordered by moms.
Americano/espresso – The ultimate coffee drinker conveying sophisticated power.
Iced coffee – The laid back, spontaneous and flirty person.
Frappachino – The ice-cream lover who pretends to drink coffee – adventurous, flouts authority and is ready to enjoy.

Next time you order your green and white, pay attention to who is standing behind you, she may have you all figured out by the time your order is ready at the pick-up window. In case you were wondering, i’m a double 16oz Americano with extra cream, sometimes two a day.