Coffee Addiction: Coffee Drinking By Profession [Infographic]

As most of you who read this know (if you have honored us by coming here frequently, or if you follow me on Twitter), I am a massive tea drinker who pretty much drinks tea all day long. Coffee has never been my thing, and I don’t really know why to be honest. It’s not that I don’t like coffee, it’s more that my addiction to tea is way greater than my liking for coffee, if that make sense. For a coffee drinker though, the addiction can get as severe as any tea addiction. I know people who pretty much live on coffee all day long. Some people even continuously jump their lunch in order to have a couple more cups of coffee instead. Is that weird? I would say so! So how severe is coffee addiction in the world? Does it vary among professions?

It’s an interesting angle to look at it when it comes to coffee addiction, or rather coffee drinking in general. I use the combination of the words “coffee” and “addiction” because that’s what most people showcase. Most of the people who have been drinking coffee for any extended period of time usually say that if they don’t get their morning coffee fix, their entire day will be crunked out. If anything, that says to me that they have a coffee addiction.

If we want to have a look at coffee addiction among professions to see who’s most dependent on this highly caffeinated beverage, we would have to turn to an infographic called Professions That Rely The Most On Coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. They have undertaken the task of asking 4,152 workers about their coffee addiction, and from that data, they’ve managed to derive what professions rely most on their coffee.

So, who’s most reliant on coffee in order to do a good job at work? As it turns out, people who work within food preparation and service professions have the highest levels of coffee addiction. So where do people in IT rank? One might have guessed they would have ended up near the top of the list, but that’s not the case. They actually hog the 8th and 9th spot on the list. Why? Well, for starters I think people working in the IT industry are more addicted to sodas and energy drinks than coffee. I am sure there are a lot of people out there who would disagree with this since there are of course are a huge number of people who have a coffee addiction. However, among the 4,152 people asked, they only ended up at these positions.

How’s your coffee addiction? How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? How many do you need before you feel the awesomeness wash over you and you get inspired up to your teeth? It would be immensely interesting to see what you guys are the most addicted to – coffee, sodas or energy drinks. Furthermore, another interesting statistic is that females have a larger coffee addiction than males. Or rather, they rely more on their daily coffee than men do. Now that you have read all about coffee addiction, I bet you guys are thinking about getting yourselves another cup of coffee right about now, right?

Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Addiction Infographic

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