Anfisa Skin’s Moon White Jade Beauty Massage Tool – Give Yourself The Perfect Massage

Facial massage improves circulation to the facial tissues, leading to brighter, and younger skin. Also, performing regular facial massage can firm and lift your skin, something that will reduce wrinkles and puffiness. Another added benefit of a good facial massage is that it encourages stress relief, and leaves you feeling relaxed and peaceful. Therefore, make it a point to give yourself a facial massage at least once daily.

You can choose to do it in the morning just after waking up, or late at night before you sign off for the day. In this article, we will be showing you how to use the Anfisa Moon White Jade Beauty Massage tool to keep your facial skin healthy. Continue reading to learn more.

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Brighten Your Face With A Massage

It’s vital that, before you get down to doing a facial massage, you should first wash your face. Use oil or a gentle cleanser rinsed in lukewarm water and then use a dry towel to pat your face.

Apply Face Oil

Lubricating your face with some oil enables the free movement of your fingers, and prevents a situation where they drag on your skin. Also, a little bit of oil leaves your face glowing and bright after the massage. It’s okay to use a mixture of oils made specifically for the face. Another alternative is to find the oil that works for the type of your skin.

Start By Massaging Your Lymph Area

It is believed that toxic elements from the body move from the face and travel to the lymph nodes, found beneath the ears on either side of your neck. When you massage this area, therefore, you prevent the buildup of these toxic elements in your face. Use your fingertips to massage the lymph area using circular motions.

Massage Your Face’s Sides

Sticking to the same wide circular strokes, rub the sides of the jaw, in the mouth corners, and around the nostrils. Push up the skin, and not down, as this can make it sag. Repeat the same for one minute.

Massage The Forehead

For best results, you need to simultaneously rub both areas of your forehead with broad circular motions. Begin close to your temples and then gradually move in toward the center of your forehead. Continue this for roughly one minute.

Massage Your Eye Region

Make sure that your fingers are positioned carefully at your brows’ eyes. Then, have them swept around the corners of the eyes, with your fingers maintained at your eyes’ corners. Continue the massage along the brow lines. Repeat this motion for another one minute.

Apply A Thin Face Oil Layer

The advantage of using face oil is that it makes it easy and smooth for your fingers to slide across the face. This, in turn, prevents stretching and dragging of the skin. Also, this conditions your skin and lightens the skin’s appearance, so that thin lines and wrinkles are less visible. You can use any of the following oils for this purpose.

  • Dry skin- use argon or coconut oil
  • Medium skin- jojoba or almond oil
  • Oily Skin: Use your favorite moisturizer or jojoba oil.

Massage Near Your Mouth’s Corners

A lifting, firming massage is best for areas of the face where the skin is likely to droop. Using your fingertips, conduct tight circular massage motions over the lines on the sides of your mouth. To lift the skin and not to drag it down, you are better off applying upward pressure. Do this for one minute.

Massage The Cheek Area

Perform corkscrew-like movements over the cheeks’ apples. Use gentle pressure while moving your fingers to the inner cheekbones. After that, move towards the periphery of your face and then back around.

Massage The Eye Area

With your fingers positioned at the bend of your brows, do a sweeping motion of them under your eyes. Repeat the same along up your nose and also the brow lines. Perform the motion for one minute.

The advantage of massaging the area close to the eyes is that it helps you to lift your sagging skin and tackle crow’s feet. Where necessary, you may need to apply extra oil. This prevents a situation where your fingers drag the delicate skin found around the eye area.

Massage Your Forehead

In case there are horizontal lines in your forehead that you would like to lighten, the best tip is to massage against the lines as opposed to along them. Have your hands positioned vertically next to each other, ensuring that your fingers touch your forehead. Then, do a zig-zag movement by moving up one hand while moving the other one down. The idea is to be constantly pulling the kin up and down.

Massage Frown Line

You can lighten the vertical lines found at the top section of your nose horizontally. You just need to ensure that you have positioned your fingers horizontally across the frown lines. Gently massage back and forth to ensure that you pull the skin from its natural lined position.

Go Over Each Part Once More

Before you finish massaging your face and step out of the home, you need to ensure that each part of the face has been gently massaged. How do you know that you have done a splendid job? One way is if your skin feels more youthful and firmer once the massage is done. If you want to get the best results, you need to repeat this procedure daily.


It takes time and effort to give yourself a good, well-deserved massage. While you can approach a beauty salon to do this for you, the truth is that it is so simple anyone can do it at home and save money. You just need to adhere to the basic rules and procedures and you will be good to go.

Above all, you should use the best facial massager tool from Anfisa skin. It works perfectly with all types of skins and guarantees the best results. If you love your skin, then you will love Anfisa moon white jade.

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