Are You A Frustrated Interior Decorator?

Are you a frustrated interior decorator like me?  Decorating a room is hard work, especially if you are very meticulous and have limited resources.  One really needs a lot of training just like in any other field.

Good thing there is Yo Ville on FaceBook.  This game actually allows you to personalize your living space.  You are given choices as to the type of house you would want to live in.  They have the family house, a trailer, a tree house and the pictures you see below, there is even a beach house.  I have about four different places that I can go around in and decorate as I please.

You will need, of course, to earn your coins in order for you to purchase the stuff you need to decorate.  Each item has a value.  Plus you will need to plan the theme of your rooms.  There are so many room decor options to choose from.  Yo Ville is like a village where there is the town furniture shop and a home depot where you can buy paintings, a fire place, book shelves, bathroom fixtures, hot tubs, bathtubs, etc…

You see, playing games on FaceBook isn’t really that much of a waste of time, especially if you are the creative type and just want to make things beautiful, whether in the virtual or the real world.  My room in the house was inspired by my decorating on Yo Ville.  What is cool here is that you can also gift your friends with items that you think they need. You can even trade stuff.  So if you are a frustrated interior decorator like me, you can also play Yo Ville and see where your creativity takes you.

I’ve included some snap shots of the rooms I have built. You can also see what the village looks like.  Enjoy!