Are You Secretly A Slacker? [Infographic]

Today I read something that someone sarcastically wrote in the news that read, “Americans are just a bunch of slackers.” I paused for a moment to think about that statement. Why would someone write that? Is it possible there is an element of truth to it? Nah…

I wrote an article last month called How Lazy Are We At Work?; however, I realized today after I thought about it more that there is a difference between being lazy and being a slacker. Being lazy, according to the Urban Dictionary, is basically “being a bum, and not getting off your ass to do something.

Being a slacker is different. A slacker is “someone who puts off doing things until the last minute, and when the last minute comes, decides it wasn’t all that important anyway and forgets about it.”  In other words, laziness is more of a lifestyle. Being a slacker specifically refers to the jobs we need to take care of, and our work. So, is it true many of us are slackers? I went on a hunt for an infographic, and I found one, created by Online Schools, which has all the answers.

Online Schools points out a very interesting fact about this. They say that people who use the word “slacker” are more likely to be a slacker than whomever they are talking about. So, to the person who wrote the article in the news this morning that said, “Americans are just a bunch of slackers“… BOO-YA! Are you a slacker? Check out this very official looking slacker infographic and see for yourself.

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Are You Secretly A Slacker?