How To Be More Creative [Infographic]

If you have ever found yourself in a moment of stagnation which resulted in you not even getting close to being creative, you know how frustrating it can be. Minutes feel like hours, and all you can think about is how you could be more creative. There is a stupid line of thinking out there that believes only highly intelligent people are constantly creative, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. A creative mind doesn’t need to be intelligent or have a lot of experience.

Kids are perfect examples of that. They are pretty much creative from the get go. Usually they are even more creative than most adults, so let’s start this article by agreeing that there is simply no truth in that statement at all.

Is there a way to put your mind in a constant state of creativity? I doubt there is a way to forever stay creative. Sure, as long as your mind is in a playful state, you can keep being creative. However, the volume and the quality of your creativity might not be on its highest level throughout that time. It is proven that a playful mind is the most creative one. If you’re having fun while doing things, you are most likely already creative. I guess that is why people say that having fun while working is the best way to progress. I definitely agree with that statement.

We here at Bit Rebels are constantly trying keep things playful. Sure, there are days when work is just work and stuff just has to get done. We all have those days. But usually we try to inspire each other into having fun. If you find yourself having trouble being creative, you might be looking for a remedy to fix that. Creativity is a necessity in any work related endeavor, and I thought I’d try and find something that might help you through that state of boredom and creative distress.

Copyblogger does their best to shed some light on this problem in their recent infographic called How To Break Out Of A Creative Rut. It’s a 7 “steps” guide to release the stress of not being creative, and how you could think in order to become more creative. Creativity should not be pushed forward, it should just come as a result of having fun and play. I think for the most part, we are responsible for falling into the pit of creative distress. Somehow we let people tell us things are not possible, that what we’re doing won’t lead anywhere, and so forth.

These comments that some people say are just nonsense, and you should try to overlook them. There will always be people out there who want to drag you down, bad mouth you, and feel jealous because of the fact that you are doing something they can’t. The moment you let those people mess up your creativity, there is a great chance that you will become one of them. Staying creative is to stay alive, have fun, and do things the way you feel they should be done.

I think if you have a look at this brilliant infographic, things will become more clear to you why you are tucked away in state of creative numbness. The advice brought to you in this little creativity guide might seem simple and obvious; however, when you are struggling to be creative and nothing seems to make sense, these are the reminders that you need to hear in order to supercharge and ignite your creativity again. Hopefully this will be the guidance that you need in order to once again become a happy creative person with your mind set on changing and impressing the world.


Via: [Cool Daily Infographics]