Armless Pianist Will Make You Question Your Daily Complaining!

I am in awe right now. It’s not so much because this extraordinary guy, Liu Wei, can play piano without arms, but because his attitude towards life is so much more inspiring than anyone with arms. I have seen a few people that play instruments without having the proper build for it, and it always amazes me to tears. But in this case, I am awestruck because of the humbleness he shows and the strength he harbors to fight the odds and beat them. And he does it all with a smile.

How many times do we complain about every day annoyances and itty-bitty problems? We completely forget about the only true gift we have been given at birth, life itself. After seeing this, I am questioning whether we really know how valuable life really is. I mean, we complain about a rainy day, about someone cutting us off in traffic, and that we are out of milk.

I promise you, on the day we have trouble breathing, we might then realize how precious life is. Then all of these problems that we once thought were so important and life changing will be all gone, and we will be left with just a will to live, a will to still be able to breathe. This guy will change so many people’s lives, and if you’re willing, he will change yours too. Let’s stop our pointless complaining and start living. Share those smiles, those tears and that happiness. For if you read this, you are alive. Treasure it and become one with it. Life is given to you, and that’s really the most valuable thing you will ever have. Live.