Ayana Komodo Resort – A Blend Of Nature And Luxury

Searching for the kind of holiday that you will never forget? Then staying in an island hotel would suffice; memories of Island Hotels stay longer and have enough triggers to keep the experience fresh. The advantage that comes with hotels that are on an island is apparent; you can easily float yourself in any convenient way possible.

An island hotel is particularly suited for a family holiday. And depending on who you have on your holiday trip, you could bring your kids along and give them the experience they will always crave for in a lifetime.

And yes, if you are looking for an affordable, new, exciting but yet exotic island holiday location, then the AYANA Komodo resort is the best place for you. It is suited in a unique environment that can give you a feel of the excitement of the free gifts of nature alongside the comfort that comes with it.

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An Island hotel will provide you with many opportunities for fun activities, so also the AYANA Komodo resort. A refreshing dip into the water with the swim guide will be lots of fun. And whichever time you chose to visit the AYANA Komodo resort, it always promises to be loads of fun for all its visitors; get into the water and check the fantastic sights you could find below the waters.

First class at its best, excellence in its elementary form; these are the best form of phrases that could try to convey the sight at the AYANA Komodo resort. AYANA Komodo resort is the first and unique 5-star resort on the Labuan Bajo’s exquisite Waecicu Beach. It is one of the best thrilling Island in Indonesia; the best form of earth’s atmospheric grace displayed in excellence radiance.

At the AYANA Komodo resort, you would experience the indigenous hospitality mixed with a great experience that is associated with the island experience. The Island has available daily flights to the Komodo Airport. The existence of life is given a new meaning by just experiencing the beautiful sides of the AYANA Komodo resort

The hotel has at its offering a well-furnished 205 guest rooms alongside the beautiful open spaces with modern day comforts. And while at it, you could take a moment to have a great view of the surrounding environments; its turquoise seas, blue skies and green hills just as you relax your body.

The AYANA Komodo resort has several packages such as the Floating Cooking School; which is a cooking school that happens on a boat and is something everyone will love to be part of. This activity is one of the high points of the visit to this wonderland. There is also the Komodo Dragon Tour at Rinca Island which is a total fun on its own. This tour this provides the right opportunity to have photos of the Komodo dragons in their natural habitats. The Diving and Dive Safari and Snorkeling which provides a perfect view for the coral reefs add to the excitement of the AYANA Komodo resort.

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