Ayurveda – The Treatment Of Every Disease

Over the last two to three decades, increasingly Ayurveda has been entering Europe. After the first clinics and centers in Germany, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, people have begun to learn that with this ancient medicine they can heal any disease. So the medicine, which established itself as a traditional medicine in the East, has already become sought in the Western world as well.

The Ayurveda treatment originated many thousands of years ago in India.

It is based on an ancient religion and philosophy. This is an entire vision for the Creation and the Laws of the Universe, part of which are the Nature and the Man. The cosmic balance is designed in Nature and the human existence and the same laws maintain the universal harmony: from the motion of the planets to the processes in the body. The diseases start when a person violates these laws of his development and goes out of the harmony.

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Going out of balance may be at a physical, emotional and spiritual level, which are connected and depend on one another. This is the main principle in Ayurveda because its approach to the human body is an overall one – as а unity of body, mind, and soul. Negative thoughts and emotions may for example directly impair specific organs. If we have а long suppressed fear from something, for example, this affects negatively the kidneys; the envy harms the spleen; anger adversely affects the liver, etc.

With this concept Ayurveda has amassed enormous experience for the structure and the processes of the human body; for the plants, the animals, the metals, the minerals, etc, and according to the position of the planets, for example, the optimal periods for the gathering of the relevant herbs are determined.

So now for 5000 years, not only has Ayurveda been a healing practice, but it has also been a comprehensive, complete science with enormous knowledge of the numerous areas. So for the treatment, it is important that a person should seek specialists, who have graduated classical Ayurveda in India, like for example the team in Ayurveda Clinic in Bansko, licensed for all therapies, combined with an appropriate diet, day regime, Yoga practices, etc.

The Individual Approach

Ayurveda not only considers the entire body; in the treatment, its approach is strictly individual. The processes in the body are allocated between the three energies, which carry out the relevant functions.

All types of movements – from the blinking and the blood circulation to the moving of the energies in the body, are guided by Vata. Thus, highly dependent on it are the other two energies – Kapha and Pitta. Kapha is responsible for the liquids and the consolidation of the matter, and Pitta – for the transformation. These energies, also called Doshas, are set in each person, by Nature, in a different, unique ratio. It is the perfect energy balance, in which, the body is functioning properly and the person is in optimal health.

Going out of balance of one of the Doshas, not only violates certain processes in the body but also causes changes in the other energies as well. Thus, complex deviations from the balance occur, that lead to diseases of the different body systems. Ayurveda cures, by identifying the specific Dosha imbalances that have occurred in the body, so that they are corrected, and the balance restored.  Thus Ayurveda cures not so much the disease itself – as it is only a symptom of energy violations, but the human as a whole.

By restoring the energy balance, Ayurveda eliminates the reasons and the basis for the development of diseases. By increasing or decreasing of the relevant Doshas, certain body processes are activated, which helps the body to recover and deal with the disease by itself.  Of course, there are means for rapid effect, such as, for example, the elimination of pain. As the energy violations are usually complex, it is important to make a precise diagnosis, such as, for example in Ayurveda Clinic Sofia, where a qualified Indian team works.

The thorough examination of the physical condition – pulse rate, eyes, tongue, hair, nails, reflection, speech peculiarities, etc., also includes numerous issues, of the patient’s personal and professional life – relationships at home, with relatives, colleagues, strong experiences of life situations, the region in which he lives and works, etc.

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