The 40 Strangest Pet Laws Around The World [Infographic]

A pet can mean a lot to a person, if you have it long enough it can begin to feel like part of the family and a companion – after all, a dog isn’t called man’s best friend for nothing! But beyond taking care of them, walking them if necessary, petting them and litter training them, few of us will consider the extra responsibilities that come with owning a cat, dog, goldfish, guinea pig or other domestic animal – namely, pet laws!

While this might seem ridiculous, a whole host of pet laws exist around the world to keep our furry friends in line. Across the US alone, from Alaska to Wyoming, there is an abundance of rules and regulations our four-legged, or two-winged, friends must adhere to – even if they are unaware of them! Whether it’s banning dogs from barking after 6pm in Little Rock, Arkansas, or forbidding Chicagoans from taking their French poodle to the opera, pet laws put a variety of restraints on pets and their owners.

Europe too finds itself encumbered by a variety of bizarre pet laws outlawing people in France from calling a pig Napoleon and deeming it illegal for pets in the UK to mate with pets from the royal household.

Though they seem far-fetched, the pet laws featured in Helpucover’s infographic are all true, even if policing of them isn’t very strict. As with many laws throughout history it could just be a case that many of these pet laws have been forgotten and officials haven’t got round to striking them off legislation, however it’s a brave cat that risks appearing in public after 8pm in Japan!

As Helpucover have found out, there are as many pet laws outlining the dos and don’ts of being a pet owner, as well the pets themselves – with pet lovers in a Michigan town being forced to choose between owning cats or birds, and stricter still, Swiss people hoping to own a dog must pass a test before they can do so!

The infographic below is full of weird and wonderful pet laws found around the world. Hilarious, yet true, these pet laws are bound to give you ‘paws’ for thought (sorry, we couldn’t resist!) and may make you think twice next time you consider taking your lion to the cinema in Baltimore or try to teach your dog to read in Connecticut!

The Pet Laws You Didn’t Think Existed

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Strangest 40 Pet Laws Infographic

Strangest 40 Pet Laws