Baby Essentials New Parents Actually Needs

One of the most amazing things that could happen to a couple is welcoming their first baby and becoming parents for the first time. The event could be exciting to the extent that some couples buy any baby-related thing that comes their way, without knowing exactly what the baby really needs, so they end up squandering a lot of money on trivial and unnecessary stuff. If you are waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive and are still unable to figure out the essential baby items you can’t live without, don’t fret!

We have curated a list of the essentials babies that you need to make sure you include them in your shopping list before the little one arrives.

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Baby Gear

You’ll surely need to have some key baby gear at the ready. The first thing you should invest in is an infant car seat for your baby to guarantee its safety. It should be used from day one since it’s dangerous to go on car trips with your babysitting on your lap.

You also want to purchase a stroller to help you move freely with your little one. Some experts suggest that you can buy a stroller wagon instead, which works as both a stroller and a wagon; the best stroller wagons are collapsible and offer comfortable seating, a canopy overhead to shield your little one from sunlight, drink holders, and much more.

Most importantly, babies seem to be happy when they’re put in a stroller wagon and find it fun. While you’re on the road, make sure you have a diaper bag too, which includes some diapers, wipes, and extra outfits for the baby.

Sleeping Essentials

When it is night time, your baby needs to sleep in either a crib or a bassinet; even if you’re co-sleeping, make sure you have a firm yet comfortable mattress, 4-5 fitted crib sheets, swaddles, and light blankets. Make sure you purchase a brand-new crib, instead of buying a used one; it’s safer for your child and he can sleep in it until he’s 3-4 years old, so it’s a good investment.

You should also know by now that babies don’t sleep only at night, so you might want to get a swing or a bouncer for daytime naps that you can place in the living room or anywhere in your apartment.

Cute Clothes

Babies’ clothes are so irresistibly cute and this makes you want to buy them all, but you only need to buy a few of everything, as their bodies grow really fast every day. Long-sleeve and short-sleeve undershirts are essential during all seasons; you can buy 4-5 of each.

Also, you need around 8 one-piece onesies; make sure you buy the ones with zippers, since they’re extremely easy to change. You should also buy pants, hats, scratch mittens, socks, and jackets, in case you’re delivering in the winter. Make sure you get cotton blankets too; a baby’s clothes or anything that would touch its skin should be made of cotton.

Make sure you don’t forget the small things like diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and a changing mat. Also, don’t forget bath time essentials, like a plastic tub, washcloths, baby shampoo, hairbrush, and a nail clipper. Don’t freak out if you find that there are a lot of baby essentials to get; just start shopping for a few things every month until you’re ready.

We recommend that you streamline your shopping list with a checklist of all the baby essentials; this way, as a new parent, you will guarantee that you get what your bundle of joy really needs in a timely manner.

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