The Big Bag Of Snowballs: Perfect For An Indoor Snowball Fight

Now that Spring has officially begun, I suppose it’s safe to say we aren’t getting any snow this year in Atlanta. It’s a bummer for us because snow is such a treat, but it wasn’t meant to be this year. If you are like me, and if you live in a snowless place, I have something that may cheer you up. It’s a big bag of snowballs that would be perfect for an indoor snowball fight. What? Yup, these are fake snowballs (but they look real) which are the next best thing to real snow.

I’ve only had one or two real snowball fights in my life, so I don’t know much about them. I hear that they’re a lot of fun though, so I see these fake snowballs in my future. This bag of snowballs will provide you with a good supply of snow-ammo, and as long as you have some furniture to hide behind, you’ll most likely beat your opponent.

The best part is, you can have this snowball fight in the comfort of you own home where it’s all toasty warm and where the hot tea is only a few steps away in the kitchen. There’s no slush, no wet and cold gloves, and no frostbite to deal with. Sounds good, right?

These snowballs are made available by ThinkGeek. They come in a bag of 20. According to the ThinkGeek website, they “are soft enough to be kind to people and furniture, but also oddly crunchy like a real snowball.” Nice! I hope ThinkGeek follows this up by creating a bag of real-feeling fake snow for indoors too. Why? To make a snow angel on the living room floor of course! These sell for $20 a bag.

Fake Snowballs For An Indoor Snowball Fight!

(Available here on ThinkGeek)




Via: [Book of Joe]