The Best Accessories To Style Your Outfit When Hosting A Dinner Party

It has been a tough year, so hosting a dinner party with your friends and loved ones seems just right. Also, considering the amount of fun you will have to get together after so long, it demands that you look your best.

Apart from the fantastic food, of course, you might want to pay attention to what you will wear. One idea would be to go for tried and tested outfits and accessories. But the better idea would be to go for chic and stylish accessories that are in trend and loved by fashionistas around the world. The jewelry pieces will make you stand out at the dinner party and become a conversation starter. You are the host, after all.

Now, it is easier said than done. There are millions of options out there, and you have to choose a few. Jewelry pieces that are a perfect marriage of form and function. Jewelry pieces that fill you with confidence and give you the stunning presence you deserve. Here is a list that will help.

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1. Shungite Earrings

While there may be a million other details left unsolved, one thing for you to rely on certainly is a stunning pair of jewelry, the Shungite earrings. The best bit about this natural matte black mineral is its intrinsic healing properties. Initially found in a Russian village called Karelian, the gemstone contains a high level of carbon (up to 98%), which gives it various healing properties.

Some of these are protection against EMFs, biological antioxidants to help clear the skin, detox, and relieve the mind from stress and help with your overall health. By styling a pair of these elegant Shungite earrings, your mind will feel energized, alerted, and ready to tackle any adverse events in case they occur during the course of your dinner party.

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2. Tanzanite Pendants

Tanzanite pendants are the perfect lightweight addition to your buzzing dinner party – they will stay in place and prevent any clinky sounds while you move up and down in the hall. Although its regal charm and exquisite beauty will surely grab the attention of onlookers, the pendant laying close to your heart will invoke a sense of emotional release, allowing you to communicate more freely with your guests.

The saturated blue-violet crystal is known for its healing properties, which helps balance the body’s chakras and add positive vibrations that reverberate through the body to gain a positive outlook. You can style the pendant, enabled with scattered diamonds, finished with a high-grade metal such as platinum or rose gold to accentuate your neck and complement the whole outfit.

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3. Personalized Bracelets

If you want to add a quotient of mystery and intrigue to the dinner event, then we suggest a unique jewelry piece to go with your elegant outfit. Personalized bracelets complement your persona and authentic style and can be engraved with a special date, birthstone, name, or phrase that is truly personal and special to you. You can pair the delicate accessory piece with a few other metal bracelets to add more volume and bling or let it remain as an individual piece for it to be the star of the show.

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4. White Diamond Necklace

Want to upgrade to a royal style? Trust a White Diamond necklace to do the job perfectly as they’re an exceptionally rare and stunning piece, yet make a great selection when it comes to regal pieces of jewelry. While people often get curious about the nature of a colored diamond, it’s naturally crafted this way due to billions of inclusions that deflect it from passing light.

They’re an excellent alternative for colorless diamonds, but their unique translucent color makes them one-of-a-kind, just like you. You can style the drop-pendant necklace with a plunging neck or go for a bolder look with a glittering gown and complementary chandelier earrings to finish the look.

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5. London Blue Topaz Bracelet

Upgrade your satin gown with a delicate jewelry piece – a London Blue Topaz bracelet. Do you know that the name Topaz stems from the Sanskrit word ‘tapas,’ which translates to ‘fire.’ The striking blue jewel symbolizes wisdom, passion, and purpose, like fiery energy. It allows one to believe in themself, invokes a sense of confidence and trust in one’s abilities.

Compared to the other blue shades of Topaz, the London Blue Topaz bracelet is even more valuable and sacred. It serves the dual purpose of making a statement with the outfit and healing your body and mind with its natural powers. Make sure to pair your bracelet with a pair of large solitaires for a sophisticated yet subtle look.

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