The Best Background Check Sites For Dating

Many of us are already in the habit of looking up casual acquaintances online: a new teacher at your child’s school, a new neighbor, or a new coworker who seems oddly familiar. When it comes to online dating, a background check could mean a lot. This article presents the best background check sites for dating: CheckPeople, UnMask, TruthFinder, and more.

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This site lays all the information it finds out in a single, cohesive report. It offers online help 24/7. By far the most important reason why it is our number 1 pick, however, involves its deep web searches.

CheckPeople keeps things simple. Its in-depth background checks are provided in an easy-to-read, single, comprehensive report. Thanks to the deep web search function, you’ll always find more than you would through a basic Google search.

CheckPeople has access to countless of public records, including arrest records, marriage certificates, and all kinds of court documents. It can locate blog posts, dormant sites, and social media accounts.


Using Unmask is recommended for a number of viable reasons. This site provides in-depth information through qualified personal history and background checks, easing concerns over new romantic and personal relationships with someone you’ve met online. One often seeks the benefits of a background check when meeting someone new.

Unmask can be used to check whether the information they provided is accurate. Incidentally, it is also used by employers to check job applicants and confirm claims made during interviews, certifications, degrees, and other things on a person’s resume.

Social media and online dating apps are becoming more and more popular as ways for people to become linked romantically, so the information you can get through this site can prove indispensable.

Truth Finder

Truth Finder is excellent for dating because it issues aggregate reports on social media information, searches the “deep web”, and even features a professional blog with online safety tips. Truth Finder gives access to a world of information across the deep web, yielding things a simple Google search wouldn’t, like our first choice. It has the potential to unearth much more and more valuable information than many other sites of this kind, proving indispensable before a first date with someone you met online.


Intelius is a background check site with all the essentials, plus tips and hacks. It features useful visualizations, education, and single report as well as subscription options. On the downside, the reports can’t be downloaded, and the service is relatively expensive.

There could be a good reason for this because this site’s background checks are a great deal more exhaustive than those of many other sites. It checks personal information, financial information, addresses, criminal history, and educational history, meaning you can find out where someone studied or track down a former classmate. The site displays connections in graph mode, which is a very intuitive way of showing relationships.

Been Verified

Been Verified is great for dating because it conducts exhaustive searches of blog posts and social media, practically unlimited in nature. If you sign up for 90 days, you get more than a third off the standard subscription fee. Its extensive searches, low prices, and user-friendliness lead to its ranking among the top background check websites in the sector. Its speed is impressive. You don’t even need to wait a minute to get results when you enter a name.

And nobody likes waiting! Been Verified offers all kinds of information, including marriage and divorce records, criminal records, bankruptcy proceedings, and any known name changes or aliases among others.

Been Verified can also check the person’s blog posts and social media activity. It can unearth texts that were written long ago, and probably forgotten. There is an added service for real-time monitoring of court judgments that you can also sign up for.

More and more of us are becoming involved with people we encounter online. About 75 percent of these connections are between people who had absolutely nothing in common before meeting online. At the same time, staying safe online has become more important than ever before. Your safety is guaranteed thanks to sites like those we’ve reviewed here.

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