The 50 Best Books For Teachers And Parents To Read [Infographic]

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a list of books published. Even though I’m sure all these books are probably available in digital format, this was worth writing about just for the nostalgia. Nah, I actually bought a traditional book from Amazon this week, so I suppose they aren’t entirely obsolete just yet, at least not in my life. Teachers and parents will probably find this particular list of books most interesting. This is technically a list of the 50 Best Books For Teachers, but after reviewing some of the books on here and reading more about them, I’ve decided that a lot of parents would gain valuable insight by reading some of these too.

Depending on what age your child or children are, there is a good chance they are in school during the bulk of the day, Monday through Friday. The question is, do we reeeeally know what is going on during that time? We know what they are learning as far as subjects like math and reading are concerned, but what about all the things they are learning about life from other students and teachers? What about bullying?

When I was in second grade, my mother bought me a gold locket which I wore to school each day. A bully came up to me in the hall one day at school and ripped it off my neck. I was so embarrassed that to this day, I’ve never told my mother about it. I suppose she just thought I lost that locket. The point is, as parents, especially these days, it more important that ever to know what is going on within our child’s school. Teachers and parents have to work together in order for children to have the best possible learning experience.

Being a teacher must be one of the hardest, most challenging jobs in the world. I don’t think teachers get near the amount of respect, gratitude and admiration they deserve. Hopefully both teachers and parents will peruse this collection of books and maybe find one on here that would make for some good bedtime reading. (Infographic by

A Book List That Will Appeal To Both Teachers And Parents

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