Best Cat Breeds Suitable For Kids And The Entire Family

Cats are one of the best picks for a family to have at home. Cats breeds, just like human families, have different temperaments and different behavior towards others. Some cat breeds are docile, and some are pretty aggressive. If you plan to have a cat in your home, you should have complete information about it, like its nature and behavioral instincts. All cat breeds are not suitable for kids as well. Kids being wild, aggressive, and somewhat rude towards kittens should have a kitten in their home.

These kids should teach how to be respectful and gentle towards the lovely kittens. A kitten in the house should help such kids learn manners very well.

“Families should assess their habits and lifestyles before bringing in a new kitten,” says Teresa Keiger, Creative Director at The Cat Fanciers’ Association.


“It widely depends upon the activity level of your household and the age of the family members that determine which breed you should have in your home,” says Teresa Keiger.

Families with much enthusiasm should have an energetic breed of cats; otherwise, the kitten will feel depressed in such people and might have severe consequences.

It is also advisable to house a cat breed that matches your temperament. Most families acquire cat breeds that are sedative, and there are great chances of mixing up with them. In this article, you will know about some of the best cat breeds suitable for kids and, as a whole, ideal for the entire family.

These felines have different characteristics as an individual and as a group. You should have a clear understanding of these breeds before choosing your perfect one. Below mentioned, all cat breeds are present in The International Cat Association, the world’s largest cat registry.


This cat breed originates from the Egyptian coast. But the modern Abyssinians have spread their roots far into Great Britain. Their coat is unique, having single hairs showing the strips of dark and light pigments. This breed is trendy due to its playful, willful, intelligent, and extrovert characteristics. These cats are mad for human attention. This is also one of the significant problems. These cats always demand attention from pet owners.

If they don’t get proper attention from you, then they may feel disregarded and may go into shock. Though this breed is susceptible to human affection, this breed also creates a sense of intelligence and curiosity between itself and the family. This breed will be an excellent choice for families with plenty of time to enjoy and have a great affection towards lovely animals.

Abbysians are rather playful and have tons of energy. So to maintain that love of activities, owners have to implement proper nutrition for their beloved pets. Though cats have similar basic nutritional requirements, Abyssinian cats have some unique features to take care of. This is about a complete mixture of nutrients to make sure their bodies grow and develop correctly.

Here are some things to look for in good cat food:

  • Animal Protein – Abyssian kittens have high needs for protein, and it is most helpful when it comes from such sources as meat, poultry, and fish.
  • Beneficial supplements – vitamin and mineral additions guarantee that your cat gets the best mix of nutrients for normal development.
  • Qualitative ingredients – the quality of the components in a cat’s food determines if your cat can digest food properly and how it affects its overall well-being. Most of the ingredients in your cat’s food should be animal-based.

As the research shows from the veterinary consultant of ThePets, Dr. Sara Ochoadry, food is usually better stored for long periods. It is also more beneficial for dental health because as a cat chews it, the dry food scrapes along with the tooth, helping knock off any plaque or tartar build-up.

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American Shorthair

“The American shorthair is a very happy cat,” says some breeders.

They have social temperaments and quiet voices. They adapt very quickly to new conditions. This breed is very easy to train and mixes up easily with other pets and children. This makes them one of the excellent candidates for family pets. These cats have a hunting instinct, so allowing them to play with the toys enables them to enhance their skills. These cats do not like to be held up but enjoy much when they are in the mood to cuddle with you.

They are strong, healthy, and active. These are not weak cats as these were bred as working cats. They are very calm and intelligent cats and enjoy watching birds for hours as a viewing delight.

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The name Birman is derived from the French word Birmanie. It is thought that this breed was with northern Burman priests from the Lugh Mountain. This breed appears to arrive in France, but there is no trustworthy story about its travel to the French land. The breed got almost extinct during the Second World War, with only two members left to survive. The modern Birman cat breed is the descendants of these two parents.

The modern Birman breed is enchanting, magical, and gentle, says The Cat Fanciers’ Association.

The countries like Germany, Australia, England, and France have created their breeds; each of these breeds now has some definite characteristics of these countries.

Birmans of today are adventurous, patient, reserved, loving, and dramatic with dozens of beauties. Birmans having pure white paws resemble the Siamese and Persian cats. This breed is very tolerant and has an even temperament, which is perfect for families and children. They are also very much possessive for human attraction but do get along quickly with other pets.

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The Burmese cat breed is one of the most loved cat breeds by pet owners. They have beautiful eyes and glossy coats, making them the first adorable choice for most pet owners. But apart from being beautiful, this breed is very affectionate towards families and towards children as well. These cats are just crazy for humans’ affection and attention. They love to cuddle, sleep and also follow their owners in the entire house.

It seems a little creepy, but once they get used to you, they are your first spot to enjoy and spend time. This is the obvious reason why they are referred to as “Velcro cats” because they are hungry for human touch. The Burmese are a very stubborn cat. But, they love to entertain and play with their family members. They have very musical and athletic bodies and just jazz on something they find worth interesting. Although thought to be dumb cats, they are brilliant, watch their family members closely, and note their crazy things very seriously.

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Maine Coon

Maine coon is lovable and large, with striped fur, big paws, and tufted ears. These are very easy to train and intelligent. These are called dogs of the cat world. They seem to be frightening due to their large size, but this is not true. They are adorable, calm, sturdy but independent cats. They love to enjoy themselves and cuddle with you. They are very much affectionate with a family full of kids or single owners.

They are family clowns, enjoy vocalizing and yowling. One of their specialties is that they greet their owners when arriving in the evening or leaving in the morning. They are very adorable and loyal cats.

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This breed is very famous around the world because these cats don’t have a tail. The tail mutations are the result of tail disappearance. These cats appear to be found in the Isle of Man. Manx is classified based on the tail length. They are Longy, Stumpy, and Rumpy. Longy have a long tail; stumpy cats have knotted, kinked or curved tails, and rumpy have no tail at all. The Manx breed is playful, gentle, and friendly.

These cats are conversational and have a loving conversation with their loved ones. Their voices are trilling and sweet. They love to play fetch and love their toys. They are very affectionate and adorable cats.

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Persian is one of the most famous long hair cats in the whole world. Their fur is very silky, long, and soft. Persians are a perfect option for families which don’t spend much time with their pets. The Persian breed appears to be less active, but at the same time, they are brilliant.

They can make a good companion for families and also for kids. Persian is a very clean cat. Their fur gets dirty if not properly cleaned. Moreover, debris and dirt may stick around their nose if not groomed for some time. Persian is a very adorable cat to have, but at the same time, its maintenance is also challenging.

According to research conducted in Royal Veterinary College;

“Eye discharge, overgrown nails, dental diseases, and haircoat disorders are the main issues in Persian cats.”

But they are very docile and loving cats to have in your house. Petra Černá, an Intern in Small University of Edinburgh, Animal Internal Medicine, and co-author, said:

“Persians, a major brachycephalic breed, are one of the oldest breeds, but their ‘type’ (shape) has changed over time, becoming ever more extreme.”

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Ragdolls are very laid back, sweet and calm in temperament. They love to relax in a lap and are very tender. That’s why the name Ragdoll. They are very easy to train and mix up quite easily in the entire family. These get along quite quickly with other cats and dogs as well. This breed is a perfect option for families who live the majority of their time indoors.

These cats love to play fetch and toys, so they are pretty good for kids. These are very sturdy cats and can weigh up to 20 pounds. They love to roll in your lap and sit in it for a long time. These are wonderfully giant lap kittens indeed.

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The famous breed is a cross between the Siamese and Persian. These have long hairs like Persian ancestors and paws, tails, and mask-like siamese kittens. They are very adorable and frequently a top pick by the families. They are more active than Persians. They are intelligent and sweet-natured. They play with toys because they like playing. They want to groom very much and can sit in your lap for hours. Indeed, one of the top picks for families or children.

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Every cat breed is distinctive in its characteristics. It is advisable to choose a cat breed according to your lifestyles and habits and according to the cat breed’s agility and temperament.

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