The Best Gifts For The Artistic Souls In Your Life

Unsure what gift to buy an artistic soul? Want to find something that’ll nurse their creativity? Whether a friend, colleague or family member, there are plenty of super creative gifts out there to choose from.

You’ve just got to look in the right places. To help you out, we’ve selected the best ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Because gift-buying is an art form in itself – so think outside the box if you really want to please.

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Custom Paint By Numbers Kit

Perfect for…painters: Do they fancy themselves as a bit of a painter? If so, a custom paint by numbers kit is a fantastic idea. Not only is it a great way to help them hone in on some paintbrush skills – but it’s super thoughtful. You can customize the kit with a photograph of your choice, so pick your fav of you both and watch it come to life on the canvas.

Tracing Lightbox

Perfect for…illustrators: Are they a keen drawer? Do they love nothing more than doodling and sketching all sorts of portraits and landscapes? If so, a tracing lightbox is a perfect gift. They’re also usually portable and USB-powered, so a great artist tool to use on the go.

Polaroid Camera

Perfect for…photographers: There’s nothing more sentimental than having a huge selection of photographs hung on your wall or sitting in a memory scrapbook. So why not pick a polaroid camera for them to start snapping photos of people, things, and places?

Jigsaw Puzzle

Perfect for…big thinkers: Relaxing with a good puzzle is a therapeutic pastime, which a lot of artistic souls tend to do in their spare time. Whether it’s a moderately sized 1000 piece puzzle or a mammoth puzzle with over 10,000 pieces, there’s no doubt you’ll be challenging them to use their brain. Creativity needs exercising!


Perfect for…writers: Writing is one of the best, most creative art forms out there – it takes a lot of skill and imagination to be a talented wordsmith. Journaling is a great gateway to creative writing, so how about a journal book to encourage them to pick up a pen more often?

Personalized Apron

Perfect for…cooks and bakers: Being talented in the kitchen is another super creative skill. It takes time to know how to whip up a mean homemade lasagna or lemon drizzle cake with your eyes closed. If they’re keen on cooking up a storm in the kitchen…a present they’ll use every day…a personalized apron. Add their name or a funny in-joke for the cherry on top.

Boot Brush

Perfect for…gardeners: People with a green finger know just how much a boot brush comes in handy – especially during the wetter, muddier winter months. If they’re keen gardeners, a boot brush makes the ideal gift to make sure any muddy grass is left outdoors. Their carpet floor will be sure to thank you for it.

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