Fun Gift Ideas For Kids To Give Their Mum On Mother’s Day

There are many ways to appreciate women. One of them is by giving them a gift. There are several days a year that are dedicated to celebrating womanhood, and International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day are two of them. In the UK, the Mothering Sunday always falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent or three weeks before Easter Sunday. That translates to March 11th in 2018. In the United States, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, which is May 13th in 2018. Though both days focus on women, it is clear that Mother’s Day is centered more towards the relationship between a mother and their children.

If you are a parent, you know that special occasions can be a unique learning point for your children. Encouraging your kids to give their mom a present on Mother’s Day will not only teach them to honor their mother but also introduce them to the basics of altruism. Be sure to also have them tell mom how important she is by writing it in a Mother’s Day card. Researchers believe that giving incites a sense of personal satisfaction, enjoyment, and fulfillment.

[pullquote]Though there are certainly no rules or restrictions in gift-giving, it is a good idea to let your kids actively participate in making the gift for mom.[/pullquote] In other words, leave the expensive gifts to the dads. Fathers can help their kids in the process and as a result, strengthen the bond between them. Your kids will find out how giving something from the heart can hold so much more meaning than a store-bought present. Plus, you can score some loving husband points with your wife as this gesture shows her that you care about her, too.

Whether you and the small ones collaborate to present a cute, heartfelt gift or conspire to make the entire day perfect for her, the key is to make it simple and not too complicated so as not to send all of you into a spiral of frustration.

Breakfast In Bed

It is the oldest trick in the book and rightfully so because it works. If your wife is the one who makes you and the little one breakfast, get up a little bit early and help your kids prepare what she likes.

Traditional English Breakfast

Preparing a traditional English breakfast is a great idea as it doesn’t involve a complicated cooking process. You can cook the eggs while the kids are flipping the bacon. Tomatoes, bread, beans, and sausages are often included in the menu, as well. Not to forget, a proper cup of tea, of course.

Spring Festivities

Tulips, hyacinths, and primrose are several examples of flowers that bloom in spring. Flowers are one of the most fundamental yet ardent ways to convey the feelings of love and care. It can be as simple as a bouquet or as festive as decorating all corners of the house with jars of flowers. Though you might have to buy the flowers yourself, the kids can participate by using their creativity to arrange the flowers. Why not try something a bit different, like arranging a mauve rose delivery?

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Kids Art

There is nothing more heartfelt than a handmade gift. With art, the possibility is endless. Also with art, children are known to get messy so make sure you do the project when your wife is not home and do a thorough cleanup afterward.

Handprints art is one of the most fun and engaging ways to stimulate your kids’ creativity. It also adds a personal touch to the final product that will surely melt any mother’s heart. To start with, you need to choose your medium. The most common one is canvas because it can hold the paint best. You can also choose to use ceramics, for example, to make a hand-painted coffee mug. You can do a practice round on paper and when your kids have decided on a design they like, they can transfer it onto the medium.

The next step is to choose the paint your kids will be using. The best paint for handprints art is a non-toxic, washable paint which you can find at a local craft shop. Prepare damp towels to immediately wipe the paint off of your children’s hands. If you are using ceramics as a medium, an enamel acrylic paint is the way to go. Remember, though, acrylic paints tend to dry out quicker and will stain the clothes. Armoring yourself and the kids with aprons is a great prevention idea.

If your kids are at an age where they can handle scissors, creating a mini scrapbook filled with their pictures with Mum is also a creative idea. We all know how cute kids’ handwritings are so you can suggest for them to write a message around the photos, as well.

Write A Book About Mom

You read that right. It’s not something like a full 500-page biography of Mum but rather a sweet and short one like “Ten Things I Love about Mum.” It can be as simple as a few sheets of papers bound together with ribbons or as sophisticated as glossy cartons and a key ring holder. This is guaranteed to make Mum cry and you, too, Dad.

Gifts From Adolescent Children

If your kids are a little bit older, gifts with a more practical and thoughtful nature can be an option. For example, kids can give their Mums vouchers that allow her to make them do anything she wants such as taking out the trash or giving her a massage. They can also offer to do the chores around the house for the entire day so Mum can have some much-deserved me-time.

Traditionally, Simnel cake is a symbol of Mother’s Day in England. It is a fruit cake covered with marzipan frosting and a layer of baked marzipan in the middle. On the top are 11 or 12 decorative marzipan balls. It is not an easy cake to make, but if you or your kids fancy baking, this could be a great present for Mum.

Don’t forget to extract your kids’ input when choosing a gift. Sometimes, the children’s mind is far more creative and wondrous than us adults. You can end up with a highly unique gift unlike no other, just for Mum.

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Fun Gift Ideas For Kids To Give Their Mum On Mother’s Day

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