The Best Of Hawaii For Families

For many of us, 2020 was a blur, thanks to Covid-19 and all its woes. However, this year’s vacation options seem to be more promising. As the access to Covid-19 testing and the Covid-19 vaccine is a lot easier. You can now walk into a Covid-19 test site and receive your test result within hours without necessarily experiencing Covid-19 symptoms.

The bottom line is, the country is opening up, so if you and your family are looking for vacation spots to blow off some lockdown steam, then Hawaii is a good choice. The Aloha state is a promising destination with tons of activities for both kids and adults. On that note, here’s our list of the best of Hawaii for families.

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Valley Isle Excursions

Are you tired of driving all day but still want to enjoy a tour of the city? If the answer is yes, you should consider the Valley Isle Excursions, which offer different unforgettable tour experiences, like the Road to Hana Tour. This tour begins with a pickup and doesn’t end until you’ve explored the lush rainforests, dazzling waterfalls, and inspiring coastal views. Even better, a Hawaii expert guide will narrate beautiful stories about Polynesian culture, the people, and the Islands.

When on this tour, ensure that you take measures to protect your family from the sun. For instance, if you’re a mom with infants or toddlers, besides sunscreen, you should consider getting toddler sunglasses that offer sun protection and UV protection from UV rays, especially UVB rays which can cause damage to a toddler’s eye. Toddler and baby sunglasses come in a variety of colors.

However, you should look for sunnies that are lightweight with shatter-resistant lenses, BPA-free, and made with a flexible rubber frame, as these are the best baby sunglasses that’ll protect your baby’s eyes from the glare and UV rays properly.

Surfing In Honolulu

Honolulu is known for its epic waves, iconic crescent beaches that attract both top surfers and amateurs. It is the capital of Hawaii and is situated on the Island of Oahu. So, if you and your family like the idea of surfing, this is the right place to be. Your skill level doesn’t matter. Whether you’re a beginner surfer or have past surf experience, you can always enroll in surf school or surf camp, where surf instructors will provide surfing lessons.

These lessons will take your surf skills to the next level as they teach everything about surfing, from the basics to surfing etiquette and water safety. There is also the option of a private surf lesson for your family. Considering that Covid-19 is still a concern, a private lesson is more convenient and safer as you’ll be working only with an expert instructor.

Atlantis Submarines In Maui

Satisfy your kids’ underwater fantasies by taking them on the Atlantis Submarines Maui. It’s known to be one of the best and most prominent tourist attractions for children in Hawaii. This exciting experience features the most technologically advanced submarines that can carry about 48 passengers each to 100 feet below water and off the shores of the Maui coastline. So you see, this is a thrilling adventure for a good reason. You and your kids will enjoy a view of different sea creatures, an experience you wouldn’t forget anytime soon.

Lolani Palace

The Lolani Palace is one of the most recognized buildings in Hawaii and the only official royal residence in the United States. This place holds a lot of history as it was built in 1882 by the then King Kalakaua and was maintained as the home to the last reigning monarchs of Hawaii.

However, since 1893 when the monarchy was overthrown, the palace serves as the Hawaii Kingdom’s residence for political and social. So, if you and your family are history lovers, this is a place worth visiting. The palace, which is now a national historic landmark, reveals the story of King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani’s reign and how they walked through its halls.

Pearl Harbor

At this point, it’s no longer news that Hawaii is home to many historical sites, with one of them being Pearl Harbor. If you have older kids, you can make a solemn visit to this popular destination site that receives over 1.8 million visitors yearly to learn about the historic WWII event and pay homage to the lost lives.

The Pearl Harbor visitor center is located in Honolulu. It gives you access to the USS Arizona memorial, the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, Battleship Missouri, and the Bowfin Submarine. You also get to watch the iconic documentary about the Japanese attack and the United State’s response, leading to their involvement in World War 2.

Hawaiian Journey

A Hawaii family vacation list would be incomplete without the Hawaiin Journey. It’s one of the best ways to help your kids discover Hawaii’s vibrant culture and heritage through a multi-sensory cinematic experience. Here, you can partake in hands-on activities like fishing and interactive ancient games, and the traditional Polynesian dance, and taking part in the traditional luau.

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