The Best Reasons Why To Travel To The Top Of The World

Calling all explorers and lovers of epic travel experiences! The journey of a lifetime is waiting to be taken at the top of the world. That’s right, the actual top of the world. Get your parka ready because the North Pole is your next ultimate travel destination.

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The North Pole – A Trip You Will Never Forget

The ice-covered region coveted by many but owned by no one. Make your next vacation unlike any other with a trip to the North Pole. Set foot where only a lucky few have before when you reach the very top of the planet earth. Standing at precisely 90 degrees North is just the start of unbelievable experiences that await!

Located on constantly shifting ice in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, the inscrutable North Pole is the only place where every direction you look is South. What better way can you experience the immensity of the universe than by reaching the iconic North Pole.

Exclusive North Pole Excursions

After celebrating reaching the top of the world with a glass of champagne, get ready because it’s time to make some unforgettable memories. Before you set out on any adventures make sure to grab your camera with the best lens because you won’t want to miss any of the amazing photo opportunities.

Brace yourself to reach unbelievable new heights with an actual once in a lifetime experience. Only in the North Pole can you have the exclusive opportunity to float 30 metres above the top of the world during a tethered hot air balloon ride. How amazing does that sound? Imagine the rush of adrenaline as you cling to the edge of the basket to take in views the ice-covered terrain below.

Then take to the sky once again on another unforgettable excursion with flightseeing from a helicopter. A warmer way to get a bird’s eye view of the vast icy landscape below but amazing nonetheless. Get your camera ready because you’ll want to relive the sights of gorgeous turquoise melt pools, snow-capped ice ridges, massive crevices, and ice-covered terrain.

Make sure all the amazing pictures you capture stay safe and help keep your camera working in cold conditions with these quick tips:

  • Avoid changing lenses in rain or snow
  • Keep the camera in a case when you’re not taking pictures
  • Carry a spare battery and keep it warm until needed
  • When back indoors, leave the camera in its bag or case until it has warmed up

Amazing Wilderness Awaits

Although constantly drifting ice is no place to establish dens, there’s a chance you’ll see the few animal species known to migrate to the North Pole, like the iconic polar bear and Arctic foxes. For the most frequent visitors look to the sky for migratory birds like the Arctic tern, the small snow bunting, and kittiwakes. Even those with eyes usually glued to their cellphone won’t want to look away from the amazing wildlife as it roams the picturesque frozen tundra.

Now the only question is, who’s ready to travel to the top of the world?

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