Beware Criminals: McDonald’s Will Spray You With DNA!

This is awesome! I don’t know much about DNA technology, but what I do know is that if a thief leaves a trace of DNA, he’s totally busted. Of course, I learned that from watching CSI: Miami, which is surprisingly educational.

Well, McDonald’s is banking on the fact that most criminals agree with my assessment about DNA. A McDonald’s in the Netherlands recently implemented a new system to combat crime. If a thief tries to rob them, he will be sprayed in the face with synthetic DNA.

The spray can only be seen under an ultra-violet light. Now when that criminal is captured and questioned, the police will immediately know if he’s guilty, and if so, exactly which McDonald’s he tried to rob. Apparently there are a lot of businesses that have started implementing this system. There is a sign outside the McDonald’s that says, “You Steal, You’re Marked.” The idea here is prevention, and since most thieves think the same way as I do, “DNA = getting caught,” they seem to be deterred from robbing the restaurant in the first place. Besides, nobody really knows exactly how this works anyway, right? But then again, who the hell cares, as long as it keeps the bad guys away, it gets the thumbs up in my book!

[via New York Times, Time Human]