Biology Of A Hangover & How To Prevent It [Infographic]

You might remember a few days back when I wrote about how alcohol affects your body, and why you get drunk consuming it. The article was called The Science Of Getting Drunk. So I thought what better to do than follow that up with something that we all might have experienced once or twice in our lives. I am of course talking about the aftermath of an evening with your friends that ended sometime in the early hours of the morning. We all know it, and it is something the we don’t think about when we pour down those yummylicious drinks and beers. Yup, what I am talking about is the hangover that might render you incapable of dragging yourself out of bed, and it is all your own fault.

What is a hangover really, and how can we prevent it from happening? Well, there are no one-minute remedies that will save you from the lead head aftermath of your prior moments of fun. All you really can do is ride it out and blame it on your own foolishness for drinking too much. However, there are a few things you can do in order to minimize the effects of the alcohol to the body, and they can great reduce your hangover experience.

Medical Insurance knows just where, when, why and how you should start looking forward to a morning full of regret, but also the ways to remedy the effects. It’s all in their infographic called The Biology Of A Hangover. It is literally jam packed with all kinds of statistics and information about this feared state of regret. No matter what you do, alcohol will always be a toxic substance for the body, and cause you to feel the way you do after a night of heavy partying.

The very best way to prevent a hangover from taking hold of your weak body is actually not to drink it at all. Sure, a beer or two will most likely not push you over to the dark side, but the alcohol has effects on your body regardless how much or how little you drink. According to this, there are quite a few remedies, but no instant ones that I didn’t know about. Even though I don’t drink much, I will try to remember these for a rainy day when I might actually need them. Maybe I can even pass them on to someone else who needs the raw facts of what it means to have a hangover.

Alcohol is definitely a double-edged sword. It is said that drinking one glass of red wine a day is actually good for the body, the heart in particular. But alcohol is also a toxic substance for the body. So what you decide to do is entirely up to you. It’s your body, and you decide what you do with it. Have you ever heard the saying, “your body is your temple?” Well, I don’t know, do they drink alcohol in temples? I guess they do, right?

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Via: [Cool Daily Infographics]