Buying Slides – Here Are Top 5 Designers And Fashion Brands

Considering purchasing slides instead of slide heeled sandals? We don’t blame you – here are a few benefits of choosing high-end designer slides instead of cheap sandals.

Before you make your purchase, you first need to think of what type of designer slides are best for your personal style and needs. Let’s see the top designers and fashion brands that will make your feet happier than cheap and flimsy footwear.

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Gucci Slides

One very well-known and well-respected designer option for sandals are Gucci slides, with the two most popular models being the Women’s sandal with Double G or the Women’s rubber slide sandal. The Women’s double G sandal helps protect your feet from sunburn, features black perforated leather for a stylish look, contains a rubber sole for protecting your feet, thin stiletto heel for added style, and a Velcro closure for ease of use.

With high-quality construction from Italy, you can rest assured this pair of sandals is long-lasting, durable, and stylish for many years to come.

Benefit: Timeless and classic style

Row Ginza Flip Flop Slides

One option of designer sandals to choose from is the Row Ginza flip flops. This footwear, designed by the Olsens, alters the traditional sandal into a luxury choice that is suitable for any dressy outfit. Currently one of the biggest trends for young people today, with Row Ginza flip flops taking over social media sites, this comfort-forward fashion item is much better for your feet than slide heeled sandals.

Benefit: Better for your feet

Emma Parsons Tobias Slides

Another option of footwear that is better suited for all-day use instead of slide heeled sandals are Emma Parsons Tobias Sandals. If you are a 1990s baby, or you are highly influenced by vintage style, consider purchasing these minimalist and strappy sandals. Flattering for any type of foot and with any outfit, this delicate and simplistic sandal focuses on the European theme of minimalism for extreme versatility.

Benefit: Minimalist and timeless style

BY FAR Bibi Leather Slides

If you enjoy having very comfortable and walkable sandals, try these BY FAR sandals. Instead of slide heeled sandals that can hurt your feet after standing or walking for several hours, check out these designer sandals for a low heel, cute bow straps, and comfortable thong shape.

Benefit: Comfortable for all-day use

Mami Crossover Slingback Slides

If you are looking for a lighter-weight option than slide heeled sandals, try Mami Crossover slingback sandals. By providing more grip than your typical slide heeled sandals and a lightweight construction, these designer sandals are available in unlimited colors for various aesthetics.

Benefit: More grip for all-day walking


When comparing the slide heeled sandal to slides, there are many benefits of choosing high-end designer slides over uncomfortable sandals. Consider looking at Gucci slides, Mami Crossover, BY FAR Slides, Emma Parsons Slides, or Row Ginza Slides to find the ideal footwear for you. If you take the time to do some research ahead of time, you can find the best pair of slides for your personality and style.

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