Japan Just Took The Wooden Sandal To Another Level

I can’t say that I have ever tried out the wooden sandals originating from Japan. I don’t think they would look particularly good on me, not to mention the noise they would crank out while I’m in the studio working. However, I give the Japanese tremendous props for thinking so green. I have seen these rather simple; however effective, shoe creations in movies, and I take it they are a cheap choice for people that need a pair of durable walking shoes or sandals.

What’s cool about it them is that Japan has now taken the wooden sandal to a whole new level. However, don’t go thinking that this wooden sandal now inhabits some kind of super power, USB port or even a new color. Nope, it’s all about usability. These wooden sandals previously came in the shape of a square with a couple of clamps underneath them. The “thong” was created by using some kind of rope and that was pretty much it.

This time, designer Silvialy Tjhin (who is not living in Japan), decided that an update was overdue, and he started tinkering in his head. Three unique and necessary updates were born, and now the sandals are worthy to be worn on the feet of superheroes. First, the edges of the shoe are now jagged. This means that they will appeal more to younger people. Second, the “thong” is now made out of durable leather which will enable you to use these sandals for practically eternity. Last but not least, the two clamps underneath the sandals are now attached using something called a “dovetail” and will ultimately render the sandals indestructible. This will guarantee that they have a lifetime of about… oh, let’s say… a few generations.