Can Clothes Change The Way You Feel?

You are what you wear. It’s not a secret that fashion and clothes affect the way you feel. It’s a form of art and a form of self-expression. When we take a little more extra time to get ready and dress up, our moods can switch in an instant, and we can feel so much better about starting our day. From a new cute top down to those killer shoes, clothes hold great power you probably didn’t even know about before.

Even research and science show that you can tell so much about someone’s personality, status, age, and lifestyle just by looking at their shoes. There’s something so special and unique about the cognitive processing of our minds when we see specific styles, shapes and colors.

So when you’re getting ready in the morning, consider what you want the world to think about when they see you and wear clothes you truly love. If you want to look smart, then dress smart! It’s all about communicating how you feel and who you are through your style.

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What Is More Important: Wearing What Is Comfortable Vs Wearing What’s Pretty?

Most people will tell you that beauty is pain. But should we really sacrifice comfort for fashion, or is it possible to achieve both in one outfit? It’s about choosing the right clothing pieces and fashion items that work well with your body. Many fashion brands out there are dedicated in creating custom-fit clothing designed to fit all shapes and all sizes.

It’s also looking for the right and appropriate pieces for every occasion. Let’s say you want to feel powerful and in control when you hit the gym, then maybe look into brands like Free People Movement, LiftLegging, and Patagonia. Brands like these are creating not only comfortable and cute clothing but are also dedicated to creating more sustainable pieces for everyone!

How To Combine Both Convenience And Fashion?

You might think it’s impossible to balance convenience and fashion in one outfit, but it’s as simple as your ABC’s. The best outfits you can put on should make you feel comfortable in body and in mind. And that doesn’t necessarily mean just putting on pajama pants and oversized t-shirts!

Choose the right materials and fabric. Different clothes come in different textile fabrics that are perfect for each occasion. Consider this simple factor besides the style and the tag price. Additionally, pair your clothes with the right shoes. They’ll matter more than you think, especially if you’ll be walking and strutting your gorgeous outfit all day.

Clothes Can Make You Feel Better Or Worse, How?

Studies suggest that women who choose to dress in nicer, more appealing clothing make them feel much better. It’s all about finding the right styles and colors to match what you envision for yourself. In fact, some studies have discovered how our emotions and memories attached to our clothes can evoke a variety of feelings.

Self-expression and fashion all correlate to self-image and learning not to be our own worst critics. Find yourself through your own style and feel confident in your own skin. Embrace your flaws and imperfections, but also discover different ways to accentuate your figure. Bring the best out of you through your clothes, and feel the best when you’re wearing them!

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