The Caretaker Life – A Few Things To Consider

Some medical conditions are easy to diagnose and cure. If you have the flu, you may need to go to the doctor or even a hospital, but in the vast majority of cases, the flu will eventually run its course. Then there are the diseases that are not as simple, the ones that alter the entire trajectory of a family’s life. Imagine being in a room with an aging parent when the doctor tells you that your parent has dementia. Or worse yet, imagine being told that your young child has a severe case of epilepsy. When faced with those diagnoses, it’s natural to decide you’re going to quit your job and stay at home to be your family member’s caretaker. It can be rewarding, but it can also be incredibly exhausting. The caretaker life is not for everyone, but if you’re committed to trying it, you need to be realistic.

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Look At All Treatment Options

Medical science is more advanced than at any point in human history, but that doesn’t mean doctors have all the answers. One patient may respond incredibly well to one treatment, while another doesn’t respond to it at all. There are also some diseases that cannot be cured, only managed. Then there are the diseases that may benefit from treatments that are slightly outside the norm. Be very careful when looking into these treatments, though.

A special smoothie your sister-in-law sold you is not going to cure cancer; that’s not the way cancer works, and those sort of treatments just prey on the vulnerable. But if someone mentions cannabidiol, also known as CBD oil, it’s not a bad idea to at least hear them out. Parents of children with severe seizure disorders have found relief in CBD oil when all other treatments failed. It can also help people with cancer and post-traumatic stress disorder. CBD is made from cannabis, but it contains little-to-no THC, which is the psychoactive substance that gets you high.

Even states that don’t allow for medical marijuana or recreational marijuana have passed laws that permit people with certain medical conditions to use CBD oil. So do some research and talk to some medical professionals, and if you think it might help your family member, start looking up where to buy CBD oil.

As A Caretaker – Look At Getting Help

When we care for a family member, it’s common to think that we alone should be enough and that asking for outside help is a sign of weakness. This is especially common when dealing with an aging relative, as we’re likely to tell ourselves, “Mom cared for me, and now it’s my turn.”

If you are in a position to act as the primary caretaker for your parent, that’s great, but it doesn’t make you any less noble if you seek out respite care a couple of times a week. Home health professionals do this stuff for a living, and they get breaks. Telling yourself you can never have a break will lead to caretaker burnout really fast, and that’s bad for you and your relative both. There’s also nothing wrong with looking at facilities like Arcadia Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

These places have trained professionals who can provide a better level of care than just one person. Look at several facilities and take your time deciding, but remember that you’re not a bad child for considering this. In fact, asking for help is often the moral choice.

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