Cash For Miles – How To Make Money From Travel Rewards

Frequent flyer miles offer customers an ongoing reward for your loyalty. Anyone who travels on a regular basis with the same airline will earn miles at a steady rate, entitling you to upgrades, discounted or free flights, and more.

Reward programs from industry leaders like Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and United Airlines have grown increasingly competitive, creating a wide range of perks to incentivize customers.

Though each program has its own structure and criteria, you can expect similar perks in exchange for your custom — but actually redeeming them isn’t always as easy as you’d like.

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Your frequent flyer miles may expire over time if you’re unable to use them. Perhaps you have responsibilities preventing you from traveling or simply have no need to catch a flight before the rewards become void.

Annoying, isn’t it? You’ve spent thousands of dollars on airline journeys with some of the biggest brands in the world and you’re missing out on the benefits you were promised.

What can you do to avoid this frustration? One new solution is to sell miles and let other passengers enjoy them!

3 Reasons To Sell Airline Miles

More and more people are choosing to sell airline miles for money. Why?


As part of a travel rewards program, you only have access to the perks the airline offers — restricting you to a basic ‘take it or leave it’ situation.

When you sell airline miles instead, you’re giving yourself more flexibility: you’ll have cash you can spend on anything you like.

Buy a new television set. Treat the family to a short break. Pay off your credit cards. Enjoy a little extra money over the holidays. It’s up to you.

Opting for cash for miles over the benefits an airline offers is liberating: you essentially pick your own reward.

Passing Your Benefits On

Millions of people fail to qualify for frequent flyer mileage. Those of us who take flight for an annual vacation, or even just once every few years instead, won’t benefit from joining a travel rewards program.

But does that mean we can’t still enjoy an upgraded seat or complimentary extras?

No: we can buy miles from frequent flyers who have no use for them. They won’t go to waste and can help to get the trip of a lifetime off to a more luxurious start.

In short: this is a much more practical, convenient, cost-effective way to sample an airline’s higher standard of service than joining a program.

Leading Airlines’ Miles Accepted

People are looking to buy miles for all the leading airlines, which offers more opportunities to make money from your travels.

If just one or two brands’ rewards were accepted for sale, there would be less incentive to try it. But with so many airlines awarding miles (and points through credit cards), there’s an extensive list of options.


As you can see, choosing to sell miles instead of redeeming them yourself offers multiple benefits. Frequent flyers and anyone looking to experience the service loyal customers receive through award tickets alike can take advantage of this new option.

Airlines have a responsibility to make their rewards as accessible and user-friendly as possible. If they fail, passengers now have access to a valuable alternative — putting more power in the consumer’s hands.

Have you sold airline miles for cash, and if so, what did you spend the money on?

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