Catvertising: All Advertising Is Shifting To Cat Videos

By now, everyone knows that cats have pretty much taken over the Internet. It started out a few years ago when people started posting their adorable cat pictures. They are just so irresistibly cute that everyone seemed to love sharing them.

I’m not a cat person in the traditional sense, and I don’t think Richard is either, but even we got sucked into the madness. Richard featured an article full of cat pictures called How Cats Cool Down During Hot Summer Days. I wrote about Cats That Play Scrabble. Quickly the Internet community got bored with just cat pictures though, and they were hungry for something more. It all shifted to cat videos at that point.

As you know, this has been going on for a while. There are cat videos everywhere, and they just keep getting better and better. If you want to make viral content, just put together a well-crafted cat video, right? Why is that? Amy-Mae Elliott, a writer at Mashable, wondered this same thing. She published a very interesting article last fall called The Million Dollar Question: Why Does the Web Love Cats?

It seems the whole craziness has progressed even further since now apparently all advertising everywhere has shifted to cat videos. It’s truly the only recipe for success. In these very snarky videos below, you’ll see firsthand what goes into the making of a professionally produced cat video. The first one is by John St. in Toronto, and the second one is by the original, Kittywood Studios in Texas. This is funny stuff! :)

Everyone Loves Cat Videos

Header Image Credit: [Catpedia]