Charming Illustrated Recipes – The New Cooking Trend!

I love to cook, and I have a ton of cookbooks. I tend to use my own cookbook the most because it has all my favorite recipes in it, but I pick up new books for my collection all the time.

I also download a lot of recipes off the Internet. One thing I’ve noticed lately is that many of the recipes on the Internet nowadays are illustrated. It’s a trend that is becoming more and more popular and I just love it!

It’s not just artists that are illustrating or drawing recipes. It’s really anyone that likes to doodle while they cook! As you see from the pictures below, there are many different interpretations. Some are comic book style, some are bright and colorful and some look like a menu from a restaurant. If you like to draw recipes, you can go to and submit yours to share with everyone! Below is a sampling of some of the recipes on that site. I love cooking, but I especially love cooking from pretty pictures. :)

[via RecipeLook]