Come Back Already – Classic Hairstyles That Needs To Make A Comeback

Fashion is a trend that changes every few years, sometimes even after decades. Each generation of hairstyle is presented as something new and worthwhile. And while hair trends have changed since popular eras, such as the one compared to the ’90s, it is undeniable that some trends definitely deserve to come back into the fashion world.

If you are someone who is passionate about hairstyles from the past, then it is about time we bring some of the best hairstyles back on-trend. However, before you go and change your look all together it’s advisable that you seek the trusted expertise of a professional hairdresser to make sure you achieve the style you’re looking for. There’s nothing worse than a haircut or a hairdo that does not suit your face shape or an overall sense of style. Feel confident when you walk out of the salon knowing that your crowning glory is exactly the way you want it.

Here are some of the popular hairstyles of the past that are making a comeback.

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The Feminist Symbol

Known as the Rosie the Riveter hairstyle, this style is a popular choice for feminists who would like to make a strong image when going out. This hairstyle consists of a quintessential up-do that is tied down with a headband. Back in the day, this was the everyday hairstyle for most women. This style also works best in keeping hair out of the way during hot summer days. Which makes it all the more reason to try it.

The Waves Style

In the 1930s, the waves style was very popular among women and even now this timeless style is rarely used on models during photoshoots. These waves can be worn from the downside or integrated into a different hairstyle. This makes it one of the very few hairstyles that can be customized into multiple styles. One of the reasons why this style needs to come back is because it is easy to make and can elevate elegance on any casual outfit,

Textured Bangs

While textured bangs might not be in fashion since the 60s, it does not mean that it isn’t visually appealing. In fact, many women adored this bangs look and incorporated it into some of the many popular hairstyles. Moreover, since these textured bangs were popular nearly two centuries ago, it was well-known in giving women an interesting and elegant visual appeal.

One of the best parts about choosing bangs is that it can make you look good, even on your bad hair days, while also perfectly framing your eyes.

Big Bouncy Curls

For women, hair volume is one of the essential hairstyling traits. This is why hairstyles such as Big Bouncy Curls can be the perfect choice for a volume style to make a comeback. Big bouncy hair is the type of style that can stand out in the crowd, in a good way, while maintaining a fun and elegant look. This style can also look good with an evening gown.

Pin Curls

Pin curls are a classic hairstyle that has been the highlight of multiple eras in history. Not only is this hairstyle elegant but also very easy to make. It is best for summer evening hairstyles and depending on your preference, it can even be comfortable to sleep in.

Making this hairstyle is very easy. The first step is to roll strands of damp hair in the twister style and tie them with bobby pins. While the right side is supposed to be twisted clockwise, the left side should be turned counter-clockwise.

The Side-Swept Bangs

If you are someone who has curly or wavy hair then this is the best style from the past that you should definitely try out. In order to make this style, you need some high-durability bob-pins to hold the hair up. Comb the top of your hair and brush it in a way that your hair settles on one side. Pin the hair so that it is on the side. Partition the hair and put it up in a loose manner. Spray the newly-made hairstyle with hairspray in order to keep it in one place. You can even decorate your hair with flowers if you prefer.

Messy Bun With Wispy Tendrils

Who can forget about this classy and lively evening hairstyle? While this style can be a bit old, it could give you a chic look that along with the messy bun. Many would even compare this style with a formal wear look.

The Classical Pixie Cut

With a slim body and face figure, this hairstyle can make a wonderful come back. Not only does this make you look like you brought in your A-game, but it can also be one of the most comfortable styles. This is one of the reasons that many women love this hairstyle. After all, it can get very tiring to take care of long hair. This is why this style needs to make a comeback.

No matter how much the fashion industry changes, there are beautiful and elegant hairstyles that can never go old. With due time, some of these old trends do come back in fashion. The best part: these timeless hairstyles can be used on any occasion. From Pixie cut to side-swept bangs, these hairstyles will complete your everyday look, while making you look no less than a fashion icon.

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