1940s Hairstyles & What They Revealed About A Girl’s Love Life

Have you ever wondered what your hairstyle reveals about you? Of course you can’t make any determinations about a person based on hairstyle alone, but it is true that first impression plays a huge role in how we perceive a person. According to this image below, 1940s hairstyles revealed a lot about a girl’s love life. Maybe wearing a hair bow a certain way in 1944 was the equivalent of updating her relationship status on Facebook in 2012.

Since hair bows aren’t at the height of fashion anymore (they got killed off about the same time as the banana clip), thank gosh these “1940s hairstyles rules” don’t apply today. As silly as it sounds, some people might argue that hairstyles are still revealing even today.

I found this 2009 article on Yahoo called What Hairstyles Say About A Woman which will make you laugh. Men, you aren’t out of this conversation either. According to Male Hairstyles Personality, your hairstyle reveals some things about you too. It seems the iconic 1940s hairstyles might have revealed a little more than women back then might have realized. This photo below, which supposedly came from a 1944 issue of Life Magazine, explains it all in better detail. Back then, whether you were out to get a man, not interested in men, deeply in love or going steady, it was all made obvious to the world by how you wore your hair bow. I wonder what the person who originally wrote this would say about some of the hairstyles we see today? I suppose we will never know.

The Hairstyler even published an article about which hairstyles match which personalities. They have a suggested hairstyle if you want to look sophisticated, sexy, cute, hip or carefree. Honestly, I don’t really like any of those choices. I just want to look like me. Either way, the next time you consider a new look, also consider what you might be conveying to the world with your new hairstyle.

1940s Hairstyles Revealed More Than You Might Think


Via: [Retronaut]