Clear Coffee Will Banish Your Sleep And The Teeth Stains Too

In this day and age when the “fear of missing out” doesn’t let us sleep, coffee is our most loyal companion. If you depend on caffeine beverages to keep your brain sharp all day long, chances are that you do not smile too often. Not because you are unhappy, but because your teeth are stained a muddy shade of brown. A smile doesn’t remain very pleasing if it shows signs of your caffeine addiction. However, where there is a strong passion for coffee, there is always a way to gulp it down without guilt. This revolutionary clear coffee offers the pleasure of sipping on your favorite drink without transforming your teeth into ancient fossils!

This fascinating drink goes by the name of CLR CFF and is the invention of a couple of brothers who currently reside in London. Although their coffee is completely clear, they are not so transparent when it comes to revealing the secret ingredient of this brew. Their website states that they have used some proprietary methods to remove the color from the drink, but what these techniques are is a mystery. For all we know, it could be some sort of sorcery, but as long as it provides the goodness of coffee beans we are not complaining!

[pullquote]This caffeine beverage has a high concentration of Arabica beans, despite the fact that it resembles clear water.[/pullquote] Now you can indulge in coffee on the subway or at work without the world coming to know about your severe addiction! This miraculous clear coffee is available in 200 ml bottles priced at $4, a very small price to pay to keep your biological machinery running. However, it looks so deceivingly harmless that you must keep it out of the reach of children; they might unintentionally discover an obsession that should only be reserved for traumatized adults.

Perhaps the true connoisseurs of coffee will not find this clarified version too appealing, but for most of us coffee is a necessity, not a hobby, so we will readily consume it in the most practical form available. If all this talk about clear coffee has made you thirsty, head over to the website where they sell packs of 2 and 5 as well. Of course, it is best to go for the jumbo pack because your coffee needs can’t be satiated so easily. As an added bonus, the larger pack offers free delivery, what a score! These brothers are on the road to becoming millionaires.

If you are worried about the nutritional aspect of CLR CFF then there is no need to fret at all! This drink contains no artificial flavors, stabilizers, sugars, or sweeteners, just the pure goodness of caffeine. As a cherry on the top of the cake, one serving has only 4 calories, making this drink perfect for the weight watchers too! There are now two ways in which you can live your life, choose the conventional beverage and hide your stained teeth forever or choose this cool new version that allows you to display those sparkling pearls. A life without coffee is unimaginable, so select your beverage wisely. – Click here to check out more awesome beverages!

Clear Coffee – CLR CFF – The Transparent Coffee Beverage

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