Clinic For A Hair Transplant – How To Choose Correctly?

Choosing a clinic for a hair transplant is essential for the success of the intervention. We bring you seven tips to get it right.

Clinic For A Hair Transplant – 7 Keys

Before choosing a clinic for a hair transplant, you should make sure that this procedure is the one indicated for you. It may seem obvious, but it is not. Once you have your diagnosis, advised by an expert, it will be time to look for the place. Following these guidelines will help.

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1. Find Specialists

You just have to type Capilclinic in a search engine. You will get countless pages of “centers”, “units”, “service” … We are a clinic. And this is always the most recommended option. Why? Because by opting for a transplant clinic, you make sure you put yourself in expert hands. If it is also a clinic specialized in this type of hair transplant and hair grafting techniques, the better than, the better.

Another recommendation goes through the staff. The professional who is going to be in charge of the hair transplant must have a compulsory degree. You have to be a registered doctor. A plastic surgeon. And don’t settle for a mere technician. A specialized person is better. And if you also have a great experience, even better. That will give you the assurance that things are well done.

2. Adequate Facilities

You must make sure that the place where you are going to do the hair transplant has the necessary guarantees. In a clinic, with the right staff and corresponding technology. An operating room is necessary to carry it out. And that’s not the same as a stretcher placed on either side. The cleanliness, order, and location of the clinic are key factors.

3. Individualized Attention

Each patient has a personalized situation. Not only in terms of your needs or desires (more hair on the head). Also, your personal circumstances. Your expectations. It demands totally individualized attention from your clinic for a hair transplant. You should not feel like one more, but the protagonist of this intervention.

4. Comprehensive Information

Demand all possible information from your doctor. Do not leave anything in the inkwell. Ask and ask. And it demands answers that you can understand, even if you are not an expert in the field. This will also allow you to know the level of experience of your doctor. It will have to give a satisfactory answer to all your questions. Don’t settle for less.

5. Cutting Edge Techniques

There are different hair surgery techniques to be able to develop hair transplants effectively. In our Hair Clinic, only specialists in the two main methods, FUSS and FUE. But we don’t stop at that.

We go much further. We have other techniques to improve or restore hair health, which can be applied when it is not necessary to resort to surgery. Or when we want to complement the transplant results.

6. Leading Technology

Things have changed a lot since the first hair transplant operations. Today we have cutting-edge technology. Among our latest generation appliances, we have, for example, micro-cameras.

These allow a very precise study of the health status of the patient’s hair. We also have microscopes with a 3D image (Mantis Compact), special blades to get follicles, and implant them or the last generation LED lamps.

7. Contrast Opinions

It is essential to gather prior information about the clinic for a hair transplant. If you start looking for it on the internet and it barely appears, be suspicious. And if it appears, check other patients’ opinions. You can look on websites, forums, magazines … Indeed, you should not believe everything you read online. But it will help you form a general idea.

Also, try to know cases of other patients who have passed through the chosen clinic. We at the Hair Institute always show photographs of other patients who have undergone a hair transplant with us.

Definitely. Choosing a clinic for a hair transplant is serious. You are going to leave not only your money or your expectations but your hair health. Always seek excellence to guarantee the result. And try that the trust in your specialist is maximum and that the treatment makes you feel comfortable and well attended. These guarantees are the minimum with which you should settle.

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