Coca-Cola Fast Fun Facts [Infographic]

Last month when Coca-Cola celebrated its 125-year anniversary, I remember everyone in Atlanta was celebrating. If there was ever a city in the world that could be considered “Coks’s biggest fan” it would be right here where I live. Of course it makes sense since the company’s headquarters are right down the street in Midtown.

Not everyone was celebrating when Coke hit this big milestone though. I read an article on Huffington Post about how continuing to allow children to increase their soda consumption could become a public health disaster. It reads, “Today, ‘liquid candy,’ non-diet carbonated soft drinks, is the single largest source of American calories, providing about 7 percent of calories.” A representative for Coke said in this local Atlanta article, “We are not the problem. However, we need to be part of the solution because we need to have better information for the consumer, better understanding of metabolisms and the energy balance for the consumer.

Regardless of the connection that may or may not exist between Coca-Cola and obesity, this company, which others regard as one of the best brands in the world, it’s obviously here to stay. Personally, I love Coke, and I can’t imagine going a whole week without drinking at least one Diet Coke. This infographic below illustrates some fun Coca-Cola stats. Can you believe there are almost 10,450 soft drinks from Coca-Cola consumed every second of every day? Whoa!

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Coke Fun Facts Infographic

Via: [Coca-Cola] Header Image Credit: [Info Barrel]