Happy Hour Nerd Mojitos At The Candy Cocktail Bar

Ever wondered where Wonka goes to get plastered with the wicked witch when Hansel and Gretel are licking the doors and eating the gingerbread ceiling? Well, I think he pulls up a peppermint barstool to get a little tipsy in Candyland.

Over the past year, fabled candy mecca Dylan’s Candy Bar introduced a cocktail bar to their 3-story lollipop-packed sugar shack in Manhattan. I decided to shimmy on down for happy hour to check the place out and have a sugar-infused cocktail or two to brighten up my rainy, manic Monday.

Upon arriving, I brushed past the tubs of candy (downstairs there are M&Ms in every color!), the s’mores station with a tower of melted chocolate, the swirly-cue PJs, cupcake-scented notebooks, and Glee-inspired candy bars (like the Rachel “Berry Talented” bar infused with raspberry). I ran upstairs and made a beeline beyond the giant candy-laden rice crispy counter, the chocolate-dipped potato chips, and the sundaes, and I parked myself at the bar, on a peppermint barstool. I ordered a happy hour Nerd Mojito. Yes, that’s a mojito with strawberry Nerds soaked in rum, sprinkled over crushed mint with muddled strawberries, lime, and a soda top.

Other candy infused drinks on the menu included a Pink Cotton Candy martini, a Jolly Rancher Dreamin’, a Pop Rocks Explosion, a Sour Patch Peach, the classic Chocolate Martini, an Apple Pie Manhattan, a Root Beer Floatini, various hard shakes, like the Honey Peanut Cup (honey liqueur, bourbon whiskey, peanut butter cups, peanuts and vanilla ice cream), and shooters like the hot tamale (spicy cinnamon infused whiskey), or the s’mores shot (marshmallow vodka, whipped vodka, creme de cacao, garnished with a crushed graham cracker rim). On the counter, in lieu of olives, I ogled the rock candy, jellybean, and gummy peach garnishes.

I love candy. I daydream daily in my “I want candy” tee about unending cords of licorice, dancing sugarplums and birthday cake shower gel. I also love a good cocktail and a looped candy soundtrack, which is why getting wacky in Wonka-land appeals to me. Once a month, they even show movies at the bar. This Friday, the lucky candy cocktail crowd will be treated to a sweet screening of The Princess Bride. Need I say more?

This is heaven, and to keep the experience layered and authentic, I decided to snap all photos via Instagram with my Dylan’s gummy bear-scented encased iPhone. Naturally.

Peppermint Barstool at Cocktail Lounge

Rock Candy Gummy Bean Garnishes

Nerd Mojito Candy Cocktail

Dylan's Nerds Mojito Encore

Gummy Bear for iPhone 4

Chocolate Glee-ness Candy Display