Color Your Own Wallpaper Templates For Years Of Creativity

Feeling creative? Well, some people just can’t go a day without being able to get some of that creativity out of their minds. Their outlets are everything from writing to LEGO and everything in between. When it comes to letting it all out in art, there are a multitude of things you can choose to do. For example, if you thought interior design had nothing to do with art, think again. There is now a way for you to spend years letting your creativity out with the help of a new line of wallpaper templates.

If you love coloring, painting and everything else that has to do with putting color on paper, you are going to love these new wallpaper templates. You will be able to color your own templates in order to make your walls look just like you want them to look. Just make sure you have enough pens to last you a lifetime because that is probably how long it is going to take you before you are done with even one wall.

There are two different wallpaper patterns to choose from – Burger Mash and Burgerdoodles. These genius and creative wallpaper templates are created by Burgerplex (Jon Burgerman), and they are most definitely going to keep you busy for a while. Look at it from a mental relaxation perspective that also doesn’t lock you into one specific type of color. You can actually use whatever you want on these wallpaper templates. That includes everything from crayons, paint and pastels to markers. You will most likely have to switch it up during your progress.

I am wondering whether you will actually be able to buy the necessary amount of color (whatever type you decide to choose) in one go. This is definitely a project that will take you a long time to finish. The good thing is that you will be able to do it all again if you mess up or decide you don’t like the colors you used. I mean, it’s not paint by colors or anything, it’s just you putting colors on your wall.

Burgerplex’s Color Your Own Wallpaper Templates




Via: [InventorSpot]