Common Causes Of Roof Damage

When it concerns your residence, numerous aspects of home maintenance demand attention, whether they pertain to the interior or exterior. Among these, maintaining your roof often falls by the wayside, easily overlooked or forgotten. This is where the expertise of Mr. Roof comes into play, highlighting the significance of diligent roof care to prevent potential damage and preserve the integrity of your home.

This can happen for a variety of reasons but typically because you don’t always have a visual reminder of it.  It is important to know what can be the reasons for damages to a roof and home in order to prevent them.  If you take care of the roof that’s over your head you won’t have to worry about further damage or issues down the road. Here are some of the most common causes of roof damage.

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Roof Damage – Low-Quality Installation

The fact of the matter is that a roof can be susceptible to the most damage before it is even finished or installed. Roof installation requires professionals to properly handle different homes. If the company or the people installing your roof don’t do a satisfactory job, then the subsequent roof and home are at risk to suffer damage from natural elements much more so than if everything were installed correctly.

It is important to have professionals or experts to properly inspect and work on any roof.  They may have access to knowledge, tools, and equipment you don’t.  If you are the do it yourself type when it comes to installations or repairs, you may overlook or miss problems or areas of concern on different parts of the roof.


The problem with a roof and the reason why you might find damage up there can be sometimes attributed to the fact that if something is out of sight, it can be out of mind.  The roof is not always visible and is not something you can see entirely as frequently as something like your lawn or driveway, you may not see problems as they begin to form.  In order to help keep your roof properly maintained, you should have experts frequently checking it.

Professionals from  specialize in the proper maintenance and minor repairs to restore roofing and have it looking new and fully functional.  In most cases, problems with the roof may not be addressed early enough until you start finding leaks coming from your ceiling. These frequent repairs can add years onto a roof’s life and be cost-efficient.  It is important to check your roof, especially after storms that can be damaging to not just the top structure, but the rest of your home.

Wind And Storm Damage

As discussed, you want to check your roof frequently and the best time to do so is after a storm. This is because many storms can damage a roof in a variety of ways. Heavy winds can lead to loose shingles, exposed materials, and nails.  Heavy rains, hail and snowstorms can physically and directly damage roofing materials.  In the winter and whenever snow and ice are involved, freezing poses a problem with expanding moisture which can displace your shingles.

Snow buildup can cause depreciation on the roof as they can become heavy under certain conditions where the snow melts due to the warmth from your home, then refreeze becoming heavier and harder to remove.  It is important to keep your grates and ducts clean and clear to ensure proper funneling occurs.  Always be mindful of the roofing of your home in harsher climates.

Environmental Factors

Storms are not the only weather conditions you need to worry about.  In some cases, the mere environment can still affect the long term longevity of your roof if not looked after.  Things like humidity and pollution can lead to erosion and corrosive effects.

A roof and the materials it is built with can be susceptible to heat and sun damage.  And like everything else, as with age, roofing will eventually deteriorate.  It cannot be reiterated enough that you should periodically inspect your home’s protective upper barrier, as these inspections and small repairs can help prevent the need for much larger, more costly and time-dependent repairs.

If you don’t take care of your roof, you are putting your home in danger of deterioration and even bigger problems down the road.  Keep your family and home safe by following these guidelines and tips, and checking and inspecting the top of your home frequently, making sure you stay on top of repairs as soon as you need them.  The best way to fix and tackle a problem is to prevent it in the first place.

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