How To Create A Classic Bedroom – Three Of The Most Popular Styles

There’s plenty of different ways to incorporate a classic style into your bedroom, but it all depends on what we define as ‘classic’. What it really comes down to are your own personal tastes – it could mean something retro or it could be a traditional and neutral design scheme depending on what you like. Here are three of the most popular classic styles that are beautifully designed and easily customizable to fit your personal tastes.

[pullquote]There’s also plenty of ways to achieve these looks centered around almost any style of furniture.[/pullquote] It goes without saying that the focus of any bedroom is a cozy and well-styled bed that you just can’t wait to curl up in. If you’re looking for a total bedroom rehaul, there are plenty places online where you can find the perfect style of furniture for whatever design you want to go for, some of which even offer next-day delivery so you can get started on your decorating as soon as possible. From staple furniture to accents and linens, it’s easy to find what you need to redecorate a room in order to suit any of these classic styles once you have a good idea of what to look for.

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1. Historical

One definition of a classic style is a decoration scheme that incorporates elements similar to those of early historical periods. This includes design schemes such as English Country or historical styles such as Victorian. This could include a wide range of historically inspired elements and can use anything from furniture to colorful wall hangings or bed linens.

Wooden furniture with a dark stain immediately comes to mind, as well as carved bed frames and accent furniture such as wardrobes and bedside tables. Wall hangings and curtains are another essential element, especially those in rich, dark tones or even elaborate designs inspired by tapestries or historical wallpapers. Depending on personal tastes, this style can be made to evoke a replica of a historical bedroom, or it can be made to subtly evoke a certain historical period by using one or two elements alongside a simple yet richly toned color scheme.

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2. Vintage

While similar to historically inspired design schemes, this style is unique as it incorporates different patterns, colors, and accents. Like the historical style, the goal is to replicate or resemble a certain time period. However, the elements used can be far more modern and often somewhat easier to find. This style is where you’ll find elements that are most traditionally thought of as ‘classic’, like bedruffles and lacey linens, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t create something unique with a personal twist.

There are plenty of traditionally vintage elements you can add like a floral or patterned wallpaper, accents like candleholders or lanterns, and lace hangings or window treatments. You could also use inspirations from more recent styles, such as the bright colors and stylized floral patterns of the sixties and seventies. Vintage doesn’t have to mean bland either, especially when you consider all the colorful options there are for floral bedding, rugs, or wall decor. When it comes to furniture, stained wood tends to work best for this style, although unique colors or painted patterns certainly aren’t out of the question if you can find linens and decor to suit them.

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3. French Country

One of the most popular and typically classic styles is French Country, which is extremely popular and often featured in home decor magazines and websites around the world. Although it’s been around for a while it’s still one of the best known and easily recognized styles, so it’s very easy to find style guides and selections of elements and accents to fit your new room. It’s also surprisingly customizable.

French Country can be colorful with floral patterns and bright colored accents or have very subtle tones. Neutral and earth tones are usually the best place to start when you want to achieve this style, and the best furniture to fit it is often natural or stained wood, although white or black stains can sometimes work with the right accents and styling. While it’s often best to start with understated tones and work around them, you don’t have to stick with the same shades or boring accents. Slight variations in shades and one or two items with bright and colorful tones can really accentuate a more subtle color scheme.

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How To Create A Classic Bedroom – Three Of The Most Popular Styles

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