What Compensation Can I Expect From A Personal Injury Claim?

Car accidents and other types of personal injuries are complicated, no matter how simple or straightforward they may seem at first glance. This is because of a variety of reasons. Still, it mostly comes down to the legal process after the injuries, and the work you will need to do with the insurance company or responsible party, that will cause significant delays and confusion. If you are injured, and you need to submit a claim to an insurance company for compensation, then you can be sure that you will be dealing with a complex process going forward.

To maximize your chances of a positive outcome, and to make sure that you are taking the right steps to get the money that you deserve, work with an attorney like one that you can be connected to through https://hurt511.com/.

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How To Calculate Damages After A Personal Injury

While each accident or injury is unique, there are a variety of standard factors that an insurance company or personal injury attorney will consider in order to calculate the amount of money to provide a victim.

Keep in mind, though, that an insurance company’s primary focus is to minimize the amount that they will pay out for any claim, while your personal injury attorney’s primary focus will be to get you the amount of money that you truly deserve. These two numbers will be shockingly far from each other, as you will see once the insurance company completes their initial investigation and makes you an offer.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are the basis of all personal injury claims and are intended to repay the victim (and their insurance company) for the costs directly associated with the injury. This includes all medical expenses, recovery costs, and any other treatment-related financial impacts. Also, economic damages seek compensation for any income-related losses due to missed work or decreased earning ability as a result of the injuries.

These damages are generally the most simple to calculate, since they are meant to compensate for measurable economic impacts that the victim suffers, and simply require that the costs are gathered, calculated, and proven to be legitimate. Even though they are easier to calculate, though, there are likely many different impacts that you would be surprised to know can be added to this section.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are much more complicated to reach a figure for, simply because of how abstract these damages are in general. They are intended to compensate victims of a personal injury for things like their actual pain and suffering that they had to endure after the accident, as well as any emotional impacts that they must endure like depression, fear, or a generally reduced quality of life.

In order to bring these types of damages into economic terms, there are a variety of methods that an attorney will employ. One common tactic is to use a numerical scale to indicate the severity of all of these damages, and then using the number along that scale as a multiplier.

This multiplier is applied towards the economic losses, and this amount is what will be included in the damages sought for the injuries. As you can probably imagine, insurance companies will push back on these types of damages much harder than economic losses, since they are so subjective.

In order to make sure that you are taking every step necessary to maximize your chances of a positive outcome and reasonable amount of compensation for your injuries, work with a personal injury attorney. Insurance companies are very motivated to limit the amount of money that they pay for any accident, and you can be sure that they will work aggressively to limit your compensation as well.

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